Just want to say thanks to everyone who posted

budsterFebruary 22, 2004

a few new links to check out on frugality....It has been interesting reading for the most part. I would encourage any of you who come across anything you think is informative to post it here for the rest of us. It never hurts to read another point of view.....you can take it or leave it but it just might help someelse out of tight spot. So again my thanks for sharing.

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Just thought I'd post a follow-up to your post so it can start traveling down the page. I didn't think you'd appreciate having to type another message to yourself in order to get rid of it! LOL Folks may wonder ...

Eileen :-)

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Eileen MA,

Hi Ma.

We used to say that it wasn't really serious to talk to yourself - but it was when you started to answer yourself back that you needed to be concerned for the legitimacy of your perspective on life (i.e. sanity).

How helpful of you to forestall Bud's possible need to do that.

Have a great week.


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