DIY guttering - how difficult?

n2cookinApril 5, 2008

Would it be difficult to install your own guttering? It's a small ranch home with just a straight 64ft stretch and 2 downspouts. Estimate by seamless guttering co. was $309, we're wondering if we can DIY and beat that. DH and I DIY almost everything, that is why I'm asking. How difficult would this be? Would you paint it prior to hanging it up?

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I've done two sections of guttering on my house. In one section I removed and re-hung a 30' run of seamless guttering and moved the downspout from one end to the other. The other project was a new 12' run plus a downspout, made up from off-the-shelf components from Home Depot. The seamless section was both easier to work with and better-looking when done. I'm sure you could DIY a serviceable gutter and I imagine you'd save a little money on materials, but IMO the savings wouldn't be worth the time and compromised quality.

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It is hardly worth the aggravation or the meager savings to DIY gutters, which is why even professional builders simply hire seamless companies.

The seamless contractor will make up your gutters on site out of whatever color aluminum stock you need and be completed and gone within a little over an hour.

Hire the seamless contractor and be done with it.

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seamless = less connectors = less chance for problems and looks better, if you like the looks of gutters!

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In my area of NJ You can get 2 yr warrantees from gutter installers at no additional cost (built in cost I guess)

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We diy'ed one section of our house using seamless last summer without any issues and will do the other sides this summer... why pay when you can order the same materials from the same company and do it your self and spend the money somewhere else or even better... put it away for retirement. I would do as much as you can down, then hang... we didn't paint ours but they come in many colors so I'd prefer not to paint if you don't have to.

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pcjs, where did you order the "seamless"? I didn't know a DIYer could order seamless. Please do tell.

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I figured it out as my husband and I did a barter with a roofer/gutter guy as my husband is a computer guy - he fixed their computers (wife's) several times and when we asked for gutter help, well.. they didn't return the favor and offered it at full price but they told me where to buy it ... so I looked up the company and they were more than happy to sell to me directly and talking me through the install. Just type in your area and seamless gutter supply. We have two in the area.

Not who we used nor do I know anything about them, but here is an example:

I picked up this batch as I needed short runs and have an SUV, but they will come to your home, and make on-site so you buy what you need, put on the sides, punch the holes for the down spout and hang. It wasn't bad, just getting on the ladders was.

I was so annoyed by the upcharge by our "friends." They insisted they needed to pay a helper but time wise, there was no way they were giving us his labor for free when I priced everything out... so we decided to try a small corner and it has been fine since the fall and no problems so I guess we did it right. :)

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