digital photos of oil paintings

ken_in_seattleApril 8, 2006

Google is no help since china is full of artist who will paint an oil from your photo...

But I have reason to photograph some oil paintings to put on a web site for an art dealer.

The person doing the current photos is getting a lot of reflection from some parts of the painting and since neither of us are actually primarily photographers, I though I would ask here.

Will a strobe or a slave strobe fix the reflection problem?

Is multi point lighting and diffusion the right track or is there some other path I should explore?

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Is that reflection caused from the window or another lighting source?
I would try to eliminate any flash or glare if possible.
I bet you could get a good answer from the Photography forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photography

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Oil paintings are very difficult to photograph. Whatever direction the light comes from there is always some part of the paint that will reflect it. The problem is the texture of the brush strokes. There is only one simple answer to this problem: you need to polarize the light.

Least expensive alternative is a polarizing filter for the camera lens. If the painting is heavily textured this won't be enough, but it will help a lot. The tough ones require polarizing filters over the lights which will get a little costly.

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