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teotikiApril 5, 2012

Hope this is the right forum to post this I'm looking for software to make 8 x 11 posters. Does anyone have any suggestions for a free download or one I can purchase hopefully one that easy to use and works with W7



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Not sure what you mean by poster making software. And what do you mean by a size of 8 x 11 (inches, feet??)? Graphic designers use InDesign and Quark (software), and those are definitely not free. Do you mean Word 7 when you say W7? Those 2 software programs I mentioned are stand alones and do not work with Word (if you meant Word).

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Sorry I wasn't clear I want to make small standard 8"x 11" posters that announce a coming event. I need software that has things like cars, animals and Christmas type stuff as I make up posters for a legion and a car club. I had Print Master years ago but it won't work on W7 [windows 7] I guess I'll have to check out my local computer store and see what I can find.
Thanks for asking and sorry I wasn't clear in my request.

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