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chompskydNovember 14, 2012


We recently had part of our house resided, and the contractors used ungalvanized nails. This, of course, is unacceptable -- they are already starting to rust.

The contractor is willing to pull down the siding (Hardiplank) and trim, pull out the nails, and rehang the same materials with the correct nails. They don't want to pay to replace all of the materials.

My gut tells me this is a bad idea...but I'm not sure why. Is this an acceptable solution or should we demand that all of the siding be replaced? What about holes in the housewrap underneath?

Thanks for you help. We want to be fair, but we also don't want the siding to look like a hack job, and needless to say, we are pretty unhappy with this contractor.

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WE have a similar problem. Our problem is just on the soffits. Our contractor is suggesting scraping/sanding off the paint, applying Kilz and then repainting. I am also interested in hearing what others have to say.

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Sounds like a good solution since they won't renail the siding exactly where the existing holes are located. But IF they damage any boards while removing, they'll have to replace them. I'd go with this plan.

As for the trim,. I would just set the existing nails deeper and putty them, as well as renail with galvanized. But if they want to pull the trim down, too, I wouldn't argue with them.

(Full disclosure; I don't pretend to be an expert in siding.)

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Sinking nails deeper in Hardi products is not possible since all that will happen is crushing and breaking the material. Been there replace those.

If they are successful in removing the nails---which is not easily done either---then they can alternate rows which allows the use of new nails in old holes into unnailed material.

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Thanks for the help!

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