New gutters - is this installed correctly?

krelavieApril 24, 2014

Hi everyone!

I just spent a small fortune to have my gutters replaced on my house. Previously, there were small 3/4 foot sections that were falling apart and did not drain. So, now I have fancy new 6 inch seemless gutters. I have a "snout" house and the installer had one of the downspouts draining on my roof. I guess this is a "standard" in the industry. I do not agree - makes no sense. So they are coming tomorrow to fix it and have the downspout follow the trim on my house. I figured I better double check my other concern.

That brings up the big question. The gutter in front of my porch butts up against the siding of my garage. Last week it rained and afterwards, all the siding seemed to dry except a small drip from the gutter. Is this installed correctly? I doesn't LOOK like it is a problem, but I'm not sure if the gutter is too close to the siding. Comments?

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Here are a couple more pictures...

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One more!

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It doesn't appear they've caulked the end cap.

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He needs to give you a diverter on the shingles above that corner; it's a piece of bent sheet metal that steers water away from the corner and into the gutter. If he didn't know about diverters, he may not have caulked the cap properly either.

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Agree with what others have said about diverters and caulk. One more concern though is that it appears from the photo that there is daylight showing between gutter and roof... there should be shingles that overhang the gutter or flashing.

It could be that I'm not seeing that correctly, but you may want to check.

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I hate having the downspout emptying on to the roof. It eventually wears the aggregate off the shingles and overloads the downspout on the lower levels. Would have been so easy to drain this gutter to the front and put the downspout there as was done on the other side of the house.

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