Kitchen towels at a great price

mommabirdFebruary 10, 2009

My kitchen towels are all looking dingy and ratty, so I decided to start looking for a few replacements. I went to visit my cousin and was 1/2 an hour early, so I stopped in a Dollar General store to kill some time. I almost never go to one because there are none anywhere near my house.

I didn't find any kitch towels I liked, but I went on down the aisle and passed bath towels that are perfect! The hand towels they carry are a little bigger than kitchen towels and just right to use in the kitchen - and they are 2 for $3. I wish I'd bought more than one package because I like them so well! They also had dish cloths 8 for $2, which was a great price. I bought a bundle and really like them.

I don't know why I've never thought of using hand towels in the kitchen before - they are less expensive than "dish towels."

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i bought bathroom hand towels for my kitchen from Kohls at 50 cents a piece. The color was amethyst.

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Most of the kitchen terry towels I've purchased in the last 6 years have been designed to be SEEN, not used. Unfortunately, we happen to USE ours.

I found some high-quality, large, kitchen towels at Tuesday Morning and bought up all they had; and the last two weeks I've purchased some kitchen towels made with Egyptian Cotton, at Big Lots - both of these were nice and large. I've purchased some each week for the last 2 weeks and will add more this week when I do my weekly shopping. I should have enough of these better-quality, larger and thicker towels to put in storage for another day. Who knows when I'll find such nice ones ever again....

I like loop, not cut, pile on kitchen towels. Which seem to be harder to find.

Thanks for suggesting hand towels. I have a friend who has used them for years because they were bigger and less expensive when she checked clearance tables and wasn't picky about what color they were.


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Mommabird...your advice is really $ saving when kitchen towels are expensive especially those that cater to different holidays...BTY, I use to buy bigger washcloth from Kmart...cut it into half, so I double my savings more. I also quit using paper towels long time ago. I use cotton towels and bleach or wash them at the end of the week.

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I've used bathroom hand towels for my kitchen for decades. Like grainlady I get the looped on both sides ones, without any sewn on applique or embroidery.

The bathroom handtowels last longer, are more absorbent, better looking and don't go limp, and they seem to get cleaner in the wash for some strange reason. There are a myriad of color and design choices to choose from when shopping.

I get mine out of the sale bin at Marshals/Homegoods. Some of mine that I use are actually former bathroom handtowels where the matching big towels wore out, and the hand towels did not get as much, use so they still had years of life left to them.

I thought everybody did this?

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I use Bar Mops - the kind they use in restaurants.
I used to go through at LEAST one roll of paper towels a week.
Now, I barely use one roll a month.
The kind I buy are 16"x19", all white, and 100% cotton - I buy them at BB&B and they're 6/$5 - they also have them in store with colored bands - cute, if you need some color.
I've also seen and purchased them at my local WalMart.
I got my husband hooked on them too - we love them and they even look nice folded on the counter.
We've built up a collection of around 100, so we're never short on those suckers.
We just wait to wash them until we have enough for a small load along with the microfiber cloths.
Just make sure you don't use fabric softener when you wash/dry them - you'll lose the absorbency factor - same thing goes for your bath towels.

Here is a link that might be useful: 100% cotton Bar Mops at BB&B

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Joanie- I use the microfiber cloths for everything. There is a place here called Harbor Freight that sells them on sale for 5 or 6 for $2.99 or less. I use them for washing and drying . I purchased some from QVC that have a scrubby like back on them and use those for cleaning jobs.

We have a black lab whose feet are always dirty when he comes in from outside, so we bought baby diapers at yard sales to wipe his feet and we save all those and wash them in one load. We hang everything so it absorbs better.
My dh made me a huge drying rack that he copied from my grandmothers one. It folds down when I'm not using it and I put it next to the dog crate out of the way.

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I've bought terry wash cloths 4 for $1 at my local dollar store. My daughters take so many showers,it's a great price. They launder just fine. I just reuse them.

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I use terry kitchen towels instead of hand towels in the powder room. For decorative reasons I like the ones with flowers, but are as thick as hand towels.

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I only use terry dish cloths for drying my hands in my kitchen. I don't care at all for them for drying dishes. I like either cotton sacking or for really cheap towels look for an old table cloth, mostly cotton at yard sales, doesn't have to be perfect and take home cut and hem in the sizes you want. They make great dish drying towels!


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