Empty ink cartridges for paper

lilypad22February 12, 2004

Our office depot store gives a package of 500 sheet recycled paper when I give them my empty printer ink cartridge. They refill them. It is one per customer per visit. Trash for treasure!

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Or buy a kit and refill them yourself. But either way you win.

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I've a load of paper by turning in old ink Cartridges. When DS visits he brings his old ones for me too.

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Minnie of TaXes,

"I've a load of paper by turning in those old ink Cartridges".

Possibly amend to, "I've a load of paper by turning in those used ink Cartridges"?

Some of us, having been born early in the last century, are getting a bit touchy about this "old" thing.

Just an idea possibly worth considering.

ole joyful (about a month past 75)

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Just discovered a new wrinkle, too. If you buy something at Office Max and the cashier doesn't ask you if you need ink or paper today, you get a free pack of paper. There is a little sign right on the counter. Luckily my cashier was a young thing who was only interested in gabbing with a cute co-worker, and couldn't have cared less whether I needed ink or paper. :) Got my freebie!

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