Possible roof leak?

agrandmaMarch 17, 2012

I'm a homeowner who has discovered water coming into my 2nd story bathroom window - from the top of the frame. This only happens during times of heavy rain. It's not coming through the exterior stucco wall, at least I don't see how it could. The roof eaves protect the top of that window from rain. The only thing I can imagine is there must be a leak in my roof. I went into my attic during daylight and didn't see any leaks or moisture. I crawled over to the tiny area above that window and didn't feel or see water. I have not inspected the roof from above yet. This water is dripping from the Sheetrock above the window so water is in the wall I think! Does anyone have advice for how I can try to detect the problem, or does anyone have an educated guess for where I might look?

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Are there any roof valleys above this? Chimneys? Do you have a pic of the exterior where this is happening? It could be improper flashing from any of those or the window itself could be improperly flashed. Or it could be damaged shingles. Have you had any wind events or hail in your area?

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You may have a roof leak some distance from the wet spot. Water will frequently travel down a joist some distance from the entry point. Look for water stains on the underside of the joists above the window.

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