Which brand/type of caulk to seal interior trim?

caroline94535March 30, 2010

We're finishing the inside of my closet. DH has trimmed the inside of the doorway, but there are small gaps between the trim and the drywal walls. It's an old house with "interesting" angles, few of them are square or plum.

What is the best type and brand of caulk to run around the edges of the trim, crown, and baseboards to fill the gaps between the trim and walls? Once these gaps are filled I'll be painting the walls and the trim.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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I use Alex brand with either 35 or 50 year life.
usually clear...goes in white but dries clear.
but you can also use white.
water based easy clean up.
best of luck,

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Alex is good, just make sure the tube says it is paintable.

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DAP makes ALEX in several different formulas:

ALEX PAINTER'S CAULK - (white only) acrylic latex - 25 yr.

ALEX FAST DRY - (white only) 40 min. drying - 35 yr.

ALEX PLUS - (clear & colors) acrylic latex with silicone - 35 yr.

The most flexible and durable caulk/sealant from DAP is DYNAFLEX 230 but it is known to have a problem with mildew so don't use it in wet or damp areas. DAP's answer to that problem appears to be ULTRA 230 PREMIUM with Microban. Both have a 50 yr. satisfaction guarantee and cost considerably more.

I would avoid the clear DAP caulks that turn white because they have a reputation for shrinking excessively and require more time before painting.

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What Macv said about the clear.
It could be just my imagination but the clear seems to be more flexible than the white so I like to use it outside.

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Best caulk I've ever used for both interior and exterior applications is Lexel. It's more expensive and is solvent based, so needs paint thinner rather than water for clean up, but lasts far better than other types.

The "warranty" offered by caulk manufacturers is pretty meaningless. If a 50 year caulk fails in a month, they'll refund the cost of one tube of caulk. Big deal.

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I used the ALEX PLUS all over my new build interior.


I wish I had used the BIG STRETCH to begin with. Now I have to redo most of the caulking.

I've used the Big Stretch for years but couldn't find it in my remote area when we started building 3 years ago. Now it's here and highly thought of by lumber yard managers.

Home Depot doesn't sell it but that's probably because they can't get it for next to nothing.

The ACE hardware stores carry it.

No, I don't work for anyone, this is just from my years of experience.

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Use acrylic/latex based. DO NOT USE SILICONE as paint will not adhere and you will regret it.

The deeper cracks may need to be done over twice.

Nip the tip at an angle, smaller than then fill, and wipe with a damp rag to clean. Its handy to have a small rinse bucket by.

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Contrary to the previous poster , you can use silicon. GE now makes it paintable. I have used all the others but found the silicone to perform the best. To store it , stick 16 galvinized finish nail in it, make sure cap is on tight and stand it up. Silicone clean up , acetone (finger nail polish remover)also works on spray foam.

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