Do You Remember This Tut?

flutteringbyApril 28, 2006

Some time ago, Jillzey (who used to post here) posted a "sort of" tut for turning photo's into kalidoscope images.......she had used an image of her neice & got amazing results......she had put together some notes & settings that she used to achieve those new images.....

Well today I did the unthinkable.......I "tidied up" my computer & now the tut certainly isn't where it used to be......I've hunted high & low & checked every folder but still come up empty handed...

Does anyone have those notes that they would be willing to share?.......I'd sure appreciate know how it is when you get an idea in your head & then can't find the tut.......grrrrr.....& it doesn't seem to help when I view the pics that I did create using her instructions.......

What a morning!!!


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Hi FlutteringBy,

Carol emailed me a 'heads up' that you were looking for this tut. Fortunately I never clean up my HD, but that day is coming soon. lol Anyway, the tut is not only still there, I actually have 2. I've uploaded both as they are a bit different in how to get the part you want in the kaleidoscope effect.

Right Click on the links and "Save Target as..." to download the PDF files.


I'll be happy to answer questions for you.


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Boy Jill that was fast. Thank you. I'm sure Flutteringby will appreciate your response.

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I forgot to add Jill, you actually have a folder in my PSP tips file named Jill's tips. I didn't have that one but I just added it. Thank you again.

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Jill & Carol!!.....THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Jill, great to see you at this site again & as Carol said, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw your response....I will download both tuts & burn them to cd right away....I aways got great results from that tut....

Carol, thank you so much for passing along my "troubles" day now has a wonderful ending.... : )))


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You're very welcome, happy to have been of help.

Wow, Carol, makes me feel 'famous'! ;-)


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You are very welcome, glad I was able to find it in the archives.
And Jill you are famous and everyone misses you and all your help.

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