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LibbyLizFebruary 7, 2007

When/if you get money for your birthday, Christmas, or what have you, how do you spend this "play money", for you personally?

All these years I've had feelings of guilt spending hubby's & my paychecks for things like candles/holders & plants/pots. I believed the paychecks should be used toward utilities, food, clothing, personal care items, & things for the house, vehicles, yard... you know, necessities.

So I was buying them (candles/holders & plants/pots because they're a collection of sorts that I started) out of my "play money".

But recently I thought, "Hold on! These items ARE for the house, for everyone to enjoy, not just for me alone!" So I told myself that from now on I should be using my "play money" on things for me, like jewelry, makeup & cologne/perfume. You know, things that aren't necessities for living, & things that aren't for the house, etc.

So I'll repeat the question:

When/if you get money for your birthday, Christmas, or what have you, how do you spend this "play money", for you personally?

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All the money i get now is mine but before my DH died i felt the same as you and even asked for money as presents. I bought whatever i happened to want for myself at the time. Usually i headed straight to the nearest Hobby Lobby or Michials for whatever craft i was into at the time,painting,flower arraingments,scrapbooks,etc...
Always for christmas i'd buy a subscription to Sky and Telescope,at birthday it would be Science News.

In my later years i quit smoking and DH continued, so i told DH i needed an allowence to make up for some of what he spent on ciggaretts. Got it too.LOL

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Ain't never had a Dollar yell at me yet, saying that I was using it for the wrong thing!

Perhaps you can take into consideration the personality of the giver, and what type of thing they might like to give you ...

... but it's your money.

No strings.

Use it for whatever suits you - unless, as the heading of this forum says, the kids are to go without shoes.

Or something crucial like that which your family may be short of, if you spend such money "foolishly".

Often those who give us money know that we have most everything that we need and are in a bit of a quandary as to what to get for us.

So leave the choice up to us.

I prefer cash, by the way - that's good in 3,000 stores in town ...

... to a gift certif./card - that's only good in one.

And is **always** for only equal value - when I was a kid, one admission to movies was 50 cents, but for $5.00 we could get 12 tickets - which benefitted not only the theatre, but the customer, as well.

That game is long gone.

On a gift certif./card, sometimes the store charges a fee to the purchaser.

And sometimes charges a fee per use.

And sometimes carries an expiry date.

When have you ever seen a $5.00 bill in your wallet ...

... go up in smoke?

Stores sure have a lot of fancy gimmicks to make money disappear.

Rather - to move it from your pocket into theirs - sometimes with you ending up with little to show for it.

Have a lovely weekend.

ole joyful

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I prefer cash, by the way - that's good in 3,000 stores in town ...

... to a gift certif./card - that's only good in one.

My mom has been giving gift cards for Christmas for the last few years & ugh, I don't like them.

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I use gift money for plants in my garden. It may be for the house, but my DH doesn't give a hoot about the yard, so it's really just for me and gives me pleasure. I don't have a problem spending household funds on items I enjoy. Neither does the DH. He just likes to think that his interests are more "worthy" than mine. Ha!


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Hello Libbyliz,

How about giving your Mom a $20.00 (or whatever value) piece of currency (I assume U.S. Dollar) for the next celebration for which you'd give her a gift.

Paper clip/staple a note to it, or sticky note that says, "To be used only in ____________________ Store".

Put it into an envelope with a card and give it to her.

Perhaps she'll get the message - but if she asks what's going on, tell her that a gift card/certif. can be used in only one store, and that you prefer to shop where you please, not be dragged on a leash like a puppy, kicking and screaming, into a store that you seldom visit.

It wouldn't be nice to return the next card, saying that you never shop there.

You could suggest sometime, but I think that it'd be a bit discourteous, that you're thinking of putting her gift card in your yard sale, as you've had it kicking around for months and hadn't used it - you never go to that store.

You could drop that line when she's helping you prepare for a yard sale - that would seem to me more genteel.

Or - here's am idea ...

... get a piece of Canadian currency and give that to her.

When she asks what on earth you gave that to her for, that she doesn't go to Canada!

Tell her that you don't patronize the _______ store, that you received her gift card for, either - that Canada's justr a bit farther away, that's all.
But that they do have some good stuff there, and sometimes bargains - and salespeople are courteous, helpful (well, most of the time).

But that'd be pretty sarcastic - rolling her with a steamroller, so to speak.

That should be enough to get me into the trouble that a dog hits when he doesn't get all of the way through the screen door before it closes - on his tail.

Good wishes for a great week.

ole joyful

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I have been saving change for years. Whenver my coin bank gets filled, I use the cash (usually about $350) for a FINE evening out !

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I never spend money like that. I put it in a jar, and when it's enough to make a deposit, it goes into the bank.

I make it a habit to live well below my means. Looking forward to retirement! I've got this vacation fund going that's over $15,000, and that's even with taking several vacations a year.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I usually try to buy a very useful item I have been thinking about getting...If I can't 'use' it, chances are I don't even want/need it.

Or I buy bulbs, plants, or seeds...something I will enjoy for years to come. Most folks who know me, know they couldn't shop for something like that, that I don't already have.

I then try to let them know what I enjoyed getting with the gift money...and often they will enjoy seeing it in bloom.

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I am sorry to say that the money usually gets spent at the grocery store, but, then again, while we are very frugal, we do let ourselves buy supplies for our hobbies and the occasional "pretty thingie" for our house.

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My husband got a speeding ticket for $220. So i took $220 out of our savings and spent it on myself. I had great fun, got a great haircut and some new clothes. He's been driving more conservatively ever since.

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jannie, I literally LOL at that! Great idea.

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