Slightly O/T Remodel ???

idie2liveNovember 9, 2009

I hope this is ok to ask on this board (no other seems to fit). If not, I'm sorry.

As a result of a possible planned addition to my house, I want to move my driveway (very small yard). The problem is that there is a utility pole on the corner of the yard with 2 guide/support wires extending approx 8' across the yard. In order to move the driveway they would need to move back. Well, I called the electric company and they responded promptly and agreed to come out and look. It turned out that one cable belonged to them and they moved it back 5' the next week, free of charge! Yeah!

The other line belonged to the phone company and they proved to be a bigger challenge. Since I do not have service with them, they initially did not even want to talk to me! I finally got a number to call, but have had no real success in getting answers. I'll keep nagging them (may change my phone service back to see if this helps). But I was wondering if this sort of thing has happened to any of you during your remodels.


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the problem is that your deed gives them the right of way to that area. you may can get them to move it, but usually not. their engineers determined years ago that the pole required the back guide at that point, and they will stick to that determination.

good luck! i HOPE you get someone who has at least half a brain working on it!

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Thanks Davidandkasie, I know I'll need lots of luck. And they have the nerve to keep writing/calling me to change my phone service back! lol

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