Does a new bread machine ' Zojirushi'use a lot of energy?

natalija_gardenerFebruary 28, 2010

We recenly bought it and use it twice a week or more. Anybody knows how sufficient is it for energy savings. I guess it is cheaper to use for making bread than old type gas stove?

Any info is very helpful! Thank you for any input.

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I found these specifications in my owner's manual for a Model: BBCC-X20

Power consumption:

You would need to attach a Kill-A-Watt meter on your bread machine, set at the cost of electricity from your energy source, to find out exactly how much electricity it uses for a particular setting.

You can get Kill-A-Watt meters any number of places, including We purchased one about a year ago to track the cost of many of our electric appliances.

I never bake in my Zojirushi, but bake in my Sharp Convection/Microwave oven, which requires NO pre-heating and I can bake one loaf in 20-minutes and two loaves in 25-minutes.

Out of curiosity, I'll make a loaf of Onion Dill Bread in the Zo and attach the Kill-A-Watt Meter to track the amount of electricity used, and the cost. I'll post the findings later today.


Here is a link that might be useful: - Kill-A-Watt Meter

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The test is complete. The total cost was 2-cents. It used .35 KWH.

Hope that helps you out.


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Thanks a lot, Grainlady - very helpful!

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wow, cost of power here is about 15"¢" per kwh... so a nickle for power in a bread machine and fresh & smells so good sounds appealing to me.

How much do the rest of the ingrediants cost to make a loaf bread? Any idea???
I'm not much of a cook but I'm sure I could find and follow directions...
My grocery store brand, for loafs of regular sliced bread are $1.09 each last I looked. And they surely don't last long for me.

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mikie - You'll have to do a cost analysis based on the price of the ingredients you use in your recipes. The link below has a worksheet that you might find helpful.


Here is a link that might be useful: Homemade Bread Worksheet

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Mikie, just wanted to add. I used to buy whole grain bread in a store, and it cost me 3-4$ a loaf, I am saving huge amount of money and have much more delicious
and cheaper bread. It is very easy to make, you just put in ingredients and go away, it will let you know when it's done.And I like a taste of the bread machine bread. I buy huge bag of whole grain wheat in Cash and Carry(restaurant supply store)- it is much cheaper than buying small bags in regular store. The regular(not whole grain) wheat is even cheaper.
Zojirushi is more expensive brand than others, but it does much more things than other BM - besides doing bread dough, cakes, it also makes very good meatloaf, even jam!
and house smells heavenly too!

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