PSP8 Ani Problem?

urleeApril 24, 2005

I find PSP8 Animation Shop &^%$@!!!!! compared to PSP7!

In PSP7, I can send animation to PSP to work on, then hit the X to send back to AS with the changes OR save as PSP and open in AS to make an animation.

In PSP8, I don't have that option AND when I save as PSP in PSP8 to open in PSP8 AShop, a popup comes, saying, "This is not a valid PSP file" and therefore can NOT be opened! CRUM!

Anyone else out there have this problem?


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For the valid psp file problem, you have to save it as a psp7 compatible file while in psp to use it in ani shop. So be sure to check the Options box in the Save As dialogue when saving in psp, and click psp7 compatible. You must also type in the extension as ".psp".

I also find this on some website...
If you have updated PSP to version 8.10 or newer ...Animation Shop has been added as a 'file type'. When you save, instead of saving as a Paint Shop Pro FILE TYPE, use the SAVE AS command and the dialog box will give you the option to change the FILE TYPE to Animation Shop.

...Not sure what that is, but saving as a psp7 compatible file makes it so you can open in ani shop.

I also found this at this website...

Changes in Paint Shop Pro 8.01

Added full editing integration between Animation Shop 3 and Paint Shop Pro 8. You can now transfer frames from Animation Shop 3 to Paint Shop Pro 8 for additional editing and update back to Animation Shop.

...So perhaps you need to go to the Jasc site and there probably is some sort of update for version 8 that will import these fixes for you.

Hope this helps!

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Will look at the Url you put but want to type this off to you.

I am working on my new XP computer which only has the PSP8 in it that I bought and downloaded from the disc.
My old computer has the PSP7 in it.
So, would that not coinside with what you stated above?

I thought by having PSP8 only in this computer, I'd have to learn to use it. Otherwise, you know which one I'd jump to each time? "LOL"
Am thinking of downloading PSP7 into this machine but didn't want to conflict with PSP8.
Anything I should know before I do, if I decide too?

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This is how I saved it.
Anything wrong with it?
It just does not work after I enlarged the canvas and Saved As, to reopen in PSP8 AniShop.
Also, it has 137 frames and when selected all before send and sent to PSP8, only 99 showed up in PSP8?



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Did Jasc change to corel?
Who do I e-mail to with my problem?

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I didit I didit I didit!
It pays to poke around!!!!!!!
I figured it out!
Don't know why I lost all those other frames tho but I got it to open in AS after I saved As!
In case any of you others have the same trouble I had, being it's not as user friendly as PSP7-------Here is what I did.......When I went to Save As-----I went up and picked Animation Shop as shown here instead of psp image.

Whew! Was ready to through PSP8 in the garbage!


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Whoops! THROW instead of what I put. Am ready for the ^%$& as my age is getting to me. "lol"

I know better but find I am using there where their should be and by where buy should be. Oooof it's h*ll to get old!

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Hi Urlee,

I see you solved it, LOL! Did you also solve the import to psp from ani shop issue? As far as losing some frames importing to psp, that happens to me too when there is a LOT of frames.

:·)) -:¦:- )
¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
((¸¸.·´ .·´
( -:¦:- ((·:

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Thanks Summer,
I accidently solved it by snooping.
Grrrrr on PSP8.
Definitely worse than PSP7!


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