Oh No! How do I fix this?!

cursivesailorMarch 10, 2009

So... the apartment we are renting until our house construction is done has really old wood floors. They are dark and were not kept up well. I had 2 potted plants in the living room, and although I had overflow plates under them- The wood floor has a stain/dry patch in a perfect circle where the plants were. I really need to fix this in order to get my deposit back. Any clue? I'll post a picture later after my camera charges.


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Just a suggestion, that you actually include your problem in the topic- you'll get a lot more answers. "Oh No! How do I fix this?!" does not give us a lot to go on.

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Maybe you can convince the rental agent that the round stains were there when you rented the place. Maybe the agent won't notice the stains, or consider them to be significant.

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We are renting from a person, who knows they werent there. We are going to have to fix them.

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This will not be a simple process. If the water stains are not too deep, they can be sanded out. Then the repair spot will need to be stained to match the rest of the floor and top coated with polyurethane.
If the stains are deep, the wood needs to be replaced. Then stained and poly'd.
You will probably need to have it done professionally to get the match you need. The job will cost about $250-300.

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Before shelling out the big bucks for a professional job on a floor that needed refinishing before you moved in, try sanding with a small belt sander. To get a consistent look, sand the entire floor lightly enough to eliminate the spots. Use a 40 grit paper, followed by a 80 or 100 grit.

Put a few light coats of water-based floor poly over the top using a foam brush. Use a matte finish to draw less attention as opposed to a gloss.

I have touched up our floors this way in high wear areas. It is a fairly quick and inexpensive way to give them a new look.

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Might be a good idea to work out what the floors were finished with - were they waxed? If you don't know you could ask the owners, it's a fair question.

In the end if you can't get the stains out, best you just tell the owners and work something out.

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I think the sanding will insure that you have a surface that the poly will adhere to regardless of how they were treated or finished. At least good enough for a touch up of some old worn floors in need of refinishing.

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Doing a google search on the topic turned up the suggestion of trying a little steel wool on the marks which would be gentler than sanding - then you need to treat the affected area/refinish it.

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It may still be humid or damp. Let it dry out first before doing anything irreversible. Talk to the person who owns the place.

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