Strange occurrence

klem1March 13, 2014

I notice things like this this popping up from time to time. Anyone know how or why????
The below message bumped to the top of this forum today.
Check out the dates. I had always thought in the past that somone posted to a years old thread but as you can see,that's not the case here.

Air Conditioning problemâ¦Posted by: jvd2 on Mon, Aug 3, 09 at 20:49 â¦3 follow-ups, last one posted on Wed, Aug 5, 09 at 14:38

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I think I can explain that. I happened to see that thread on the "Most Recent Posts" earlier.

Someone had posted to that thread today -- but in violation of the site's advertising policy (they were promoting somebody's HVAC business, IIRC). Apparently the Powers That Be removed the offending post; however, the software knows the thread was updated today, and so the thread remains where it is, even though today's post is now gone. That's my assumption, anyway.

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Thanks missingto , that sounds reasonable.

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Yup! :-)

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