Repairing Outdoor Courtyard Tile

movin-onMarch 31, 2012

We have a large outdoor courtyard in South Texas - so it gets a lot of sun & is very hot during the day.

The porcelain tile has been installed over a concrete patio. There is a joint where two different concrete pours meet -- there is no reed bar securing the two sections of concrete. It appears that moisture is seeping through this joint/seam, so the tile is not securing properly.

We are repairing this section of tile, and are having difficulty locating a product that will seal the concrete and give us a secure base to install the new tile. I thought we might be able to find a type of 'rubber membrane' that will move as the seam moves from the heat and is resistant to moisture

Does anyone have any suggestions thanks!

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The two slabs move relative to each other, and always will, due to thermal expansion and slight ground movement, so you shouldn't try to span between two slabs but rather have an expansion joint at that junction line extending to the surface.
Use a non-hardening exterior caulk that comes closest to matching your grout color for that joint.

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