anybody remember this post???

phyl345November 30, 2009

hi, i just found a note of mine that i wrote to myself last january ~~ here it is: "bikerdave on the remodeling forum has a great DIY site under "support for overhang on granite countertops"" (originated on 12-3-05!) ~~~

i put "bikerdave" in the search box; got nuthin'

i went to the last page; thinking those would be *old* posts ~ nope ~

was bikerdave a former poster here?

any ideas????

thanks, phyl

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I remember several threads on that topic over the years. You might try overhang support or countertop support rather than the screen name who posted it.

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Here it is:

Here is a link that might be useful: Support for overhang on granite counter top.

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wow, how did you find it?? ~ thanks so much!

that whole post has a lot of info for me to ponder; i dread corbels (cuz i bang my knees on them)

off subject; BUT how do you find a post that is no longer on one of the 7 pages? ~ as i said above, i put his name in the search box & also the *name* of the post ~~~~~~~~~`how come that didn't do it?

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I put this text (with the quotation marks) into Google:

"support for overhang on granite countertops"

In most cases, forum postings can be searched better on Google than at the original forum site, if you know one distinctive phrase used in the original posting.

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inox ~~ i can't tell you how much i appreciate your help ~~ i am SOOOOO computer-illiterate ~ i didn't know quotation marks were necessary to find something on google! ~ also it never would have crossed my mind that using the search box wasn't the way to go about this ~ thanks a million

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You are welcome.

The quotation marks are used when you want to search for a particular expression, in which words occur in a particular order. Without the quotation marks, the search retrieves all pages that have the words you entered into the search box, regardless of their order.

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