Craftsman Garage Opener makes a clicking noise but wont engage

mndallasMarch 16, 2009

I have a problem with my 1/2 horse Craftsman Garage Door Opener that I cannot figure out. My light was out, so I went to change the light bulb but noticed that it wasnt fully turned. I did that, but the light still wouldnt come on. I replaced the bulb and then clicked the opener to turn the light on, but instead IT SPARKED emitted a terrible black smoke and completely fried the light socked and end cap. (DONT WASTE YOUR TIME BY CALLING SEARS OR CRAFTSMAN TECHNICAL SUPPORT). I got all that taken care of with the breaker etc, and took off the end cap and what remained of the light socket. The Door opener doesnt seem to have any effects other then it wont engage. When I click on the opener, it just clicks - goes off - and clicks again. I am not sure if it is my capacitor or what could be the issue. Please HELP!!!

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I think you will need to take off the end where all those white wires go and check the circuit board attached to it. Look for burnt or missing traces especially around the small transformer. Be sure to remember exactly where all those wires go.

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I think this opener is toast, literally and figuratively. The circuit boards are fried inside.
Get a new opener would be my advice.
Before you energize it, check out the electric going to the unit. You might have a problem with it.

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