Stroll on the Beach

kyryApril 5, 2007

One of Mags Tags. If anyone wants the url let me know.

I'm starting to like Nature's Illusion a little better. The only problem was this looked beautiful the waves were just perfect, but in order to save them that way it had 120 frames! So I saved it with the water motion moving much faster to get it down to 18 frames took it to AS and set the animation frame to 35 and this is what I got.

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Wow Carol, your on a roll, I have the same problem, I get it looking just how I want it, I optimise it, it doesn't look so good, but thats normal, but oh those loads of frames, when I cull the frames, my lovely picture is not so good. Hopefully Nature illusion will eventually come up with a solution.I think it looks beautiful, pretty tutorial.I thought you might like to see what I have been doing today, no not house work. I have been messing about with animation. I know you are a dog lover, I'm sure you will appreciate my effort.

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Ahh that is so cute! You did a great job with it. I had done that with one of my puppies Sophie when she was 8 wks, she is now 5yrs. old and close to 100 lbs.

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Oh Carol, she is just gorgeous, what a whopper now. I bet she keeps you busy, lot of walkies.Sunny day here today, been busying myself in the garden, tomorrow we are going to the coast with the family.I won't get much PSP'n done tomorrow. I will make up for it on Sunday, apart for dinner of course.Bye for now Hazel

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Carol, did you change the image??

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Yes, but by accident! Not really sure how it happened.Glad I checked. That is my grandson I was fooling around making an avatar. I will be changing it back if I can.

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I would like to look at the url.. PLEASE.

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Here ya go Sugar. Sorry I haven't checked in in a few days.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stroll on the Beach

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