Shingle missing

newhomeowner-2009March 28, 2010

So we had really awful winds in the Northeast a couple of weeks ago, and when I came back to my vacation house in the Catskills I found that a shingle from the roof was on the lawn.

I've eyeballed the roof carefully from the ground, but can't for the life of me figure out where it came from.

So I my newbie question is: is a single missing shingle something to get upset about? Do I need to hire a guy to go to the roof and figure out where it came from and nail it back?

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Sometimes I think people throw shingles into my yard just to worry me.

If your neighbors aren't out to get you, hire a roofer to replace the shingle. Everything is a lot clearer when you actually get up on the roof.

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Get out the binoculars and inspect again. A missing shingle could be fine or it could be a leak. Only an inpection will be sure.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Guess this is something I can't ignore, much as I'd like to. I have a very reliable guy, fortunately, who will be going up there to take a look. He's pretty sure it came off the corner of the porch roof, which he says is the weakest spot.

You know, my first impulse was to look around and see if the shingle came from somewhere else! But there's really nothing in the area. Those winds were really blowing, though. Knocked down a tree.

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