mirror removal

andrelaplume2November 7, 2008

We have a 20 year old bathroom and are replacing the vanity top and faucet. Resting (?) on the vaity top is a 43" X 43" X 1/4(?) mirror. It appears to sit in a chrome channel that runs the length of the mirror and rests on the vanity. At the top are 2 mirror clips. I do not think its glued but am not sure. We put some oak molding around the top and sides to spruce it up. It turned out my wife likes the big mirror and the over all look of it.

The plumber said to remove the mirror before we pull the top or it might fall...ie it might be resting on the top. The new top does not sit as high so I guess I'd need to then lower it. Asuuming I can get the decorative oak I put on - off without breaking the mirror, do you think the sucker was glued in place or will it pop right off? When I put it back up should I use some liquidnails for mirrors?

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You should know right way when you take the trim off if it is glued. If it doesn't pop right off because it is glued then you won't need to worry about it falling when the top is removed. Just worry about it breaking.

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If someone glued a large mirror in place it was a dumb idea.

If there are no clips on the bottom you should assume it is resting on the counter.
Remove as much trim as you can, then the have someone push the mirror gently against the wall and take off the clips.
It should tilt out and be easily removed.

If you need to mount it back in place, locate the studs and use at least 2 inch #8 screws to fasten the lower clips to the studs.

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Be aware that the clips at the top of the mirror are likely to be spring loaded. Push up WITHOUT prying against the mirror!!

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Just read mirror over vanity removal! My situation similar but the vanity appears to be holding up a 4'x4' glued mirror. Vanity top has a curved back splash (one piece). Mirror is open only on top and right side. Left corner is a wall, botton is supported by back splash. Want to raise top of vanity 5inches the highth of back splash. Want to keep mirror and frame when done, what are your thoughts? I'm concerned mirror is to heavy with out vanity as support! Thanks JIM

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