subfloor and heating ducts

analogmusicmanMarch 19, 2014

is there any problem with heating ducts coming in contact with floor joists,plywood subfloor etc ? I know the ducts don't get very hot but I DO notice that the heating ducts I have exposed under my kitchen subfloor seem to be centered in the space between joists. maybe that's just good construction practice,huh? also, may be a silly question, but what purpose do those pieces of wood between the joists serve? you know, the pieces in the shape off an X. they sure don't seem to be doing much.


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You are correct on all your asumptions. Xs are to prevent squeeking floors and wharped joists,they are valuable.

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Bridging ("x" bracing) is no longer required, but blocking at each end is:

Here is a link that might be useful: Code of Ethics

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Bridging is an indicator of the age of the dwelling and has functionally been replaced with pressure and span blocking.

A cross section of the heating ducts, depending upon their age, will show a form of ridged insulation adhered to the walls.

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