garage door opener not working

mamatam03March 23, 2010

I have a craftsman opener, with one original transmitter and one universal, both have worked great until recent, niether works. The wall mount works fine? does anyone have a suggestion. I have replaced batteries and tried to reprogram them?

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Does the wall mount have an led light? is it blinking? sounds like you may have inadvertently put the unit into "vacation" mode. In this mode, wireless remotes are disabled, but the wall button still works. You don't say what model you have but some have a small button on the wall pad with a lock symbol. Holding the button down for 5 seconds causes the led to start blinking (it is nomally on steady) signifying that the unit is now in the "locked" or "vacation" mode. Holding the button in again for ~5seconds will cause the led to stop blinking and the unit will be restored to normal operating mode.

Hope this helps.

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