Pics Taken With Cellphone...Can They Be 'Cleaned Up'?

country_bumpkin_alApril 29, 2005

I'm hoping someone with PSP can help me out here.

This is the lady I took care of in her home for the past 15mos. She passed away last Monday (at 95yrs). I'd forgot about even taking these pics of her...but found them in one of my online albums last night. There aren't many recent pictures of her and these 2 are of her doing what she loved to do.....playing the piano and singing. Size doesn't matter..but what I'd like to do is print them off and give to the Grandson that spent 10yrs. of his life devoted to her. HE doesn't even know the pics exist!*S*

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Hi Bump, these aren't great, but, maybe a little improvement.


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Me again.
Joys second image is a lot clearer than the one I did so I used it this time.
Sue :)

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Sue - that is gorgeous - you'll make a grandson very happy with that one! Sometimes it doesn't take a lot of time to really touch someone's heart.


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Wow! Great job girls!! I'm sure her grandson is going to be thrilled.

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Thanks Elaine and Judy. It was a joint effort. LOL I let Joy do all the touch up work and then just added the background and frame.

I hope the grandson likes them too - it would be awful to lose your Mum and not have any photos.
Sue :)

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OMG!!! Those are absolutely beautiful!!

There's a long story behind me wanting to do this for the Grandson. No one even knows these pics of my little lady exist! The grandson has/had lived with her for about the last 10yrs. More or less put HIS life on hold to be there with her. Other family members had issues with him being there (even though that's what SHE wanted). Bottom line was...she thought HE walked on water and SHE was the wind beneath his wings!

Thank y'all so much!!! I can hardly wait to print it out and give it to him.

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What a thoughtful thing to do. You all did a great job editing, and I'm sure her grandson will really appreciate the kindness.

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