Split Door Way Question

SchlemocNovember 16, 2012


I am looking to remodel an area in my house that will be splitting in two different directions. The door to enter into the old attached garage/laundry room is from the kitchen to those two areas. I want to set up some kind of way where you can walk through the kitchen door, turn left to get to a family room/future master bedroom, or turn right to a laundry/handicap bath area. I'm not sure the best way to go about splitting it, so I would love to have some thoughts. The total size of the area I am looking to split is around ~30' in length by ~12' width.

The end idea is to have a master bedroom and bath on one level that a handicapped person could access. Currently my mom is in a wheel chair and I have no wheel chair accessible bathroom for her when she visits.

All thoughts/ideas are appreciated!

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Picture and or a floor plan would be a good way to start looking for some ideas.

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