Wood or steel door jambs?

henhowcMarch 29, 2012

Howdy All,

Subject says it all. Is one better than the other?

My HOA recently received a proposal/bid from a building contractor that proposed replacing all our the top unit rooftop/patio doors with steel doors and steel jambs along with other misc. weatherproofing bits. We held off on doing this because none of us felt like this was a priority.

Lo and behold, a few months later we had some heavy rain and I experienced some minor leaking. I had the same contractor inspect the leak and put in a bid. This time around he suggested a steel door but with a wood jamb instead.

Being the newbie that I am, steel sounded > wood. I asked the contractor about this and he stated that using the wood jamb would actually allow him to use better weatherstripping (Q-lon or something like that) but that if I really wanted it he could use a steel jamb instead. He stated that wood is actually better and more expensive and that it was his recommendation.

Obviously the contractor knows more about this than me but I'm still a little wary as to why he didn't recommend the same when he put in his original proposal/bid to the HOA.

Any thoughts on this? Sorry for the long read. Input would be much appreciated.

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I also forgot to mention that in the past we've had termite issues so that may have factored into the decision?

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Not enough information, but i can tell you there is very few situations where I'd use a steel jamb in a residential house. If you've got a potential termite problem, a wood door jamb will be the least of your worries.

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