Need help with consolidating my phone bills !

mimismomFebruary 10, 2009

I desperately need advice on how to consolidate phone bills that are too much to handle.

Got one ATT (ground) to call parents in another country; my cellphone with Sprint is linked up with my husband's PC highspeed Internet; my own PC internet is with Verizon; husband's own cellphone from his corporate employer that can't be linked up with my phone. I'm seeing over $250+ each month; I am not tied down to any contract on my cellphone, anybody from upstate new york neighborhood might have a better plan & advice on their billing ?

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No help with the phone....
but why do you have TWO internet providers? Both computers can use one.

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use Skype to call very inexpensively to out of country or if the people have internet connection there as well, calls from computer to computer are free. Many countries are less than 2 cents a minute this way.

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Thanks WESTERNPALUANN, but husband thinks that 'shared Internet use' will immensely slowed down the connection.
Our neighboring college kids does that amongst the 3 of them and it's Time Warner C Co..and it's very slow.

Thanks PUNAMYTSIKE's advice, but our parents are old, 93 and we don't have SKYPE, hence, it's not possible.
Perhaps $$ is less important than having greatgrandmother
talk to the kids.

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Skype is a free software, so as long as you have internet, you can download it and use it. And as I said, you can call to regular phone and it is about 2 cents a minute. I call my Mom and grandma all the time who do not have computers or internet connection.

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We have 4 laptops sharing a DSL line... and it is not slow at all, even when the kids are doing their downloads.

We also have used skype... I forgot about that!
DS was able to keep in touch with us and his 75 year old grandmother while studying in Australia.
Age has nothing to do with it.... they just have to answer the phone.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Thanks WESTERNPALUANN, but husband thinks that 'shared Internet use' will immensely slowed down the connection.
I would check with the different ISP and see what they say.

Our neighboring college kids does that amongst the 3 of them and it's Time Warner C Co..and it's very slow.
They may have a problem with their ISP and not be aware of it.

I recently had problems with my highspeed ISP. After 19 days they found the problem though.

You might ask about multiple computers over at the Computer Help Forum. It could even be the computers themselves...too loaded up with music and games and little memory left.

Here is a link that might be useful: Computer Help Forum

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If you're using DSL it'll make no difference on speed. If you're using cable, technically it could make a difference but your neighbors are on it too. So he doesn't know what he's talking about on that. Unless you're saying you're using your cell service for internet on your PCs?

Cell service is an easy way to cut expenses. But you have to examine your cell use and costs. Obviously since his is provided by the employer it doesn't matter what that costs, unless you're paying for that too.

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We have one ISP (Charter High Speed Cable) for all computers and a wireless router.
We've never seen any kind of loss of quality because of it.

We just got a guaranteed rate of $30 a month for the next 2 years by making the 2 year commitment - I'm sure other ISPs have similar offers.

We used to pay $50/month for our landline (Qwest) and $60/month for one cellphone (Verizon) $1320/year
We now pay $60/year for our "landline" and $200/year for 2 cellphones instead of 1 - not counting the initial purchase of the phones for $30 each.
A significant savings!


NOTE: You cannot use Skype for 911 calls so you should have a cellphone for backup.
Good idea in case of a power outage anyway.

We have a Skype subscription for unlimited calls in the U.S and Canada as well as a Skype Online Number that anyone can call us on - costs us $60/year total - that's $5 a month.
We have personalized voicemail, can forward calls, video calls, and a whole lot more.
Skype Subscriptions

Skype to Skype calls are always free, even without a subscription.
Skype is a free download - no reason not to at least try it.
You will need either a headset or microphone & speaker if you don't have it built in your PC.
Skype Free

Using Skype on your end to call an overseas landline is cheaper than anything you can find stateside.
There are some blocked countries though.
Skype Unlimited calls to overseas landlines for $9.95 a month

There are also adapters you can buy that plug into your computer that allow you to use a regular corded or cordless phone(s) with Skype.
I bought a Zoom adapter at WalMart for $40.
This is the D-Link adapter
There are others, just search for 'Skype Adapters'

There are even WiFi phones that allow you to use Skype in any hotspot or with your own WiFi.
Here are a couple:
Netgear WiFi Skype phone
Belkin WiFi Skype phone

You can even buy a NO PC cordless phone.
They're kind of pricey but still a heck of a lot cheaper than a years worth of landline service.
GE PC Free Skype Cordless Phone

Check out all of the Skype possibilities on Amazon:

Lots of Skype Thingies and Doo Dads!


We now use Tracfone exclusively at an enormous savings over our previous service with Verizon.
We each have a full featured, Bluetooth capable Motorola W376g camera phone.
There is a special online right now -
Phone for $29.99 * Free accessory kit ($14.99 value) * Free Double Minutes for the life of the phone ($49.99 value)* Free shipping *
And if you use this promotional code - 23444 - as of today, you can get $3 off your order.
Get the Valentine's Day Tracfone Deal Here!
There are always airtime deals.
We're currently using the 400 minute/1 year service with 250 bonus minutes for $100 for each phone.
With our lifetime Double Minutes, that's 1050 minutes for $100 - Promotional code 16142 - expires on Feb. 24

You can also buy the W376g at WalMart for $29.99 with Free Double Minutes but you won't get a free accessory kit.
The phone comes with a wall charger, btw.

That was a lot of links and a whole lot of typing.
I hope it's useful to someone :-)

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We discontinued a monthly cell plan and bought minutes for each phone. To make a call is 25 cents a minute. After each call, you can see what remaining balance you have. We do not have a monthly plan. This is with ATT and I do not recall the specific name of the plan. When I switched plans there was a LOT of pressure to commit me to a monthly plan. I did hear of a less expensive plan for a limited geographic area. When we travel it is from coast to coast and many cell phones do not give that coverage.

We have a land line for our local and long distance, sat net connection, and home elevator (a state requirement is to be hard wired to a phone.)

To call a relative in UK, we subscribed to Penny Talk. A 49cent connection fee plus 2 cents a minute has proven reasonable for us. The calls are clearer than calling a next door neighbor! We can use our account number and make the call to UK from any land line phone. There are different rates for other countries.

The deregulation of ATT has lead to so many money gouging communication schemes IMO...deciphering the monthly statements is a challenge...anyone know SOS?

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