New outside door too low. Can it be fixed?

abananieNovember 8, 2009

We added on a new kitchen addition with a new door to the outside. This will be our primary entrance/exit door. The floors were just put in (Friday) and I just realized that there is not enough room to put a rug or doormat in front of the door as you walk into the kitchen. The door is hung so low to the floor there is barely any room at all. I have always had a rug and doormat by the entrance door to keep the hardwood floors in good condition with the New England weather that we have. Is this something that I need to learn to live with? The door is trimmed out, the locks are in place and the outside is done too with siding and all. I'm pretty sure that it would be a big job to correct. Should I make the GC fix it or forget it?

Thanks in advance!!

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You have 2 choices:
1) Have the bottom of the door trimmed, and then put in a higher threshold so you don't have the cold blowing in.
2) Specialty hinges. These are a little hard to find, but the hinges are on a spiral that raises the door as it swings in. It may still be a little difficult for the first couple of inches, but then the door should clear the rest of the way.

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Thank you for your reply, kudzu9. It's a metal door so I think I will try option #2. I didn't know about the type of hinge you recommended. It sounds like that might work and it's better than ripping out the door to start over... I will see if I can find one on line.

Thank you, I feel hopeful!!

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