urleeApril 30, 2005

Hey, Those are GREAT!

I am so happy to have been introduced to them.

Now I know how you Pro's did your beautiful peojects to show.

I may even come to like PSP8 a little bit once I find where everything is "hidden"!

The difference between 7 & 8 is, 8 compares with you having a folder with a sub folder that has a sub folder! Have to search and dig to find what 7 has out in the open.

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I like toadies too!!

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Me too. :)
Great effect Urlee.

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Urlee - that's really nice - there'll be no stopping you now!

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Urlee, that looks really good. I'm glad you were able to figure your toadies out.

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That's beautiful Urlee! I agree with you about PSP8, I am getting a little more familar with it and like it a lot. One thing I have to go back to PSP7 for is text on a curve, using the bezier line. I can't seem to get how to do it in 8. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have tried it but just find it so much more difficult.

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Carol, here are three tutorials....

Text on a Curved Path

Text On A Path in PSP8

Circular Tex


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Kyry: I am with you. I have tried doing the text on curves in PSP8 and just can't get it figured out. I must have spent 4 or 5 hours, maybe more one day working on it. I can do it in PSP7 though...Maybe someday, I will try again. LOL.

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Thank you gals.

Joy, Thank you soooo much for those wonderful links. I printed them all out as I think they are very valuable info.
You come up with the best tuts for us to learn from.

Carol & Bev,
We have to experiment on those and diplay our results.
I swear by doing tuts to learn.
I haven't done much with PSP8 but will have to work with it to see if I can do the what I do in PSP7.
Then we will be in business?


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Thanks so much for the links, I'm working on #2. Pulling my hair out, but trying.

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Urlee, I LOVE your background on the above. I had been looking for Toadies yesterday and couldn't find them. After seeing your pretty plaid background I looked again...found them...and have them in my PSP 7. I just started playing around a little.

That's how I found this forum again....a search on Google for Toadies.

I see an old friend from many years ago that I knew on the Kitchen Table....Joy CA. She sure helps everyone.

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Hi Marcia, happy to see you. Check in here for PSP help, very nice peeps here. Also, post some of your work.

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Thank you Marcia and welcome to this wonderful PSP learning forum.

And YES, Joy is the queen of the crop! She is the greatest!
Had it not been for her, I would not have learned PSP7 and how to upload and post graphics, etc. on here.
If her ears ring alot, it's because I am thinking of her whenever I am happy doing what she taught me.

And Yes, I have learned a lot from all the other gals here and am still learning but Joy kept me from throwing PSP in the waste paper basket. "lol"


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