Oven heating element

minnie_txFebruary 29, 2004

A few months ago my old GE Oven Heating element (over 30 years old) gave out and I thought I'd have to buy a new stove. I checked the Sears web page and they have all kinds of parts for brand name appliances. I was able to buy a new replacement for the stove (exact brand and part number) for less than $50. DS screwed it in and I saved the price of a new stove.

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Don't you love those old stoves! My sister and I both have ancient ones too and it is suprising how easy it is to get parts for them. Mine is a 40" push button GE with a drawer on the side and on the bottom and I love it. Nothing cooks quite as well or as fast as the old ones. Good for you to be able to enjoy yours for many more years! Kathy

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Kathy, Minnie and all,

Seems to me that not only old stoves but (many of) the old folks have a lot to recommend them, as well, don't you think?

Willing to consider themselves part of the community and help others some - without asking, "What''s in it for me?" all the time.

Somewhat less greedy than more recent arrivals in the world?

Was it the direct influence on our lives (or residual, having been learned from parents, who went through those difficult times) of the Great Depression? When many learned that, in times of great difficulty, we need to help one another?

Don't get me wrong - I agree that many of the young people are fine, thoughtful, considerate people, as well - it's sort of the average that concerns me. Seems to me that it's eroding.

I think that such difficult times will return - highly paid manufacturing jobs, that moved from Boston to Georgia, then Japan, later Mexico, then Korea and Taiwan - are now moving to Viet Nam and China. Where are North Americans to earn the money to continue to buy all of the stuff - when there are fewer, and lower-paid jobs available in our area?

As a larger number of the people of the world become prosperous, the demand for scarce resources will increase, thus bidding up their price.

Appreciate your messages.


P.S. It occurred to me, when I read your message, that some used appliance dealers might be able to help.

I imagine quite a few of them have stoves that have a major part, e.g. control, go bad, and either not worth replacing the expensive part, or it not available. Some will pitch the stove, but others will keep quite a few of them - to use several of the useable parts to replace failed parts on another stove, thus making it operable again at minimal cost - except storage of thejunk stove.

Have a really worthwhile week.


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OJ - you are right as usual. I used to work in a senior center and those folks have a lot to offer. What fun they have - they paint, dance, learn the computer and play games and share each others lives. Some sit home and feel sory for themselves but you need to get out there and live.
I am in a booming area PA and there does not seem to be any shortage of money here even though the manufacturing jobs are moving on. It's amazing the money that is flowing out there.
If the economy depended on us tightwads it would not go far so let the young people (some of them) buy their Gucci purses and sports cars. They will join our ranks soon enough.
I have seen a lot of old stoves at the dump and think everything we bring into our homes should be fixable and the landfills would benefit. Ever try to get a tv fixed??? Kathy

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Help My 30yr+ GE oven heating element just went up today, where can I find one???

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Start phoning the repair places for parts.....it is amazing what comes up. I have just replaced my stove with a fairly new model and only because it was part of MIL's estate. We purchased it from the family even though it was already 4 years old, I like the stove and it was better than any i'd looked at new...my old stove had nothing other than the clock wrong with it but NO ONE even wanted it for parts so off to the junk dealer it went. Such a sad end for an extremely reliable appliance. Mind I did keep the elements, and the broiler pan.......what for, who knows but they were as good as new therefore I hung onto them. Back to your question jlm, start calling repair places and then see what they might have out back.

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My old stove "broke" and I was going to get rid of it. A friend told me about buying a new heating element and showed me how to screw it in. Voila! I saved a ton of money.

I was lucky since there is a wholesale appliance parts store just a few blocks from me.

jlm778, check the Yellow pages for appliance parts or the internet. Or contact the manufacturer and get the part from them.

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jlm778 first of course is to get the model number off it and you might check online to see if there's a repair manual. You'd be surprised what's on the internet! It could be a fuse or something. Also check the switch. It might not be the element.

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