In need of information about dishwasher repair

mara_2008March 31, 2009

Our portable Tall Tub Kenmore dishwasher (made by Whirlpool) is draining well during wash and rinse cycles, but not at the very end. Which means there is standing water in the bottom of the d/w after the wash is done.

My husband is very handy, would be able to fix it if he knew how. Is there someone here who can advise us, or offer a website/other info?

This is a GREAT dishwasher, cleans really well, so I don't want to replace it unless I absolutely have to.


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first of all there is an appliance forum on this site. (see link)
second you say it drains well for the wash and rinse. How do you know that? Does it drain completely?

where is the drain connected? It sounds like wherever it is draining to is not drained out completely and when the pump stops water siphons back into the dishwasher.

you say it's a portable. Do the hoses connect to the sink faucet and then drain into the sink? Is the water in the bottom just from the hoses? should the pump run longer?

Is there any debris in the bottom of the machine that prevents the bottom water from draining completely?

Here is a link that might be useful: Appliance Forum

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Some water remaining in the bottom of the DW after the cycles are complete is normal. It keeps the seals moist and the pump primed.

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