Reviews for Cardell Cabinets

jeguzikApril 20, 2011

Anyone have the low down on these Cabinets, are they a good value or should I be looking else where?

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Give me about 6 more weeks and I will tell you what I think. My builder thinks highly of them, and he is a good guy with decades of experience.

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That is what we just put in our house. They have only been in about 2 weeks but I am very pleased with them. They are much better quality than the ones I just got rid of.

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We ordered ours about 5 weeks ago. I hear around town (Memphis,Tn ) they are good cabinets...I hope so. My kitchen has been gutted three weeks and found out today the GC can't get to us for electrical, gas & flooring for a/b 4 weeks :( all of which has to be done before husband( is that DH?) can redo ceiling and then the cabinets, the granite counter tops. I ordered Cherry with bronze stain and brown glaze in Classic II raised panel with rope molding.

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We installed ours around six years ago and they've been great. I'm definitely going to give them a look again for our build. We love our cabinets!

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nikkipetey & babs711, care to share any pictures, I would love to see em. :)

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Photobucket is having issues for me. Let me see if I can get it to work.

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This is our message center and microwave area.

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One more picture. This picture was taken the day after the cabs were installed, before the final tweaks.

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These aren't very close up but it's all I've got. This is what we put in our house six years ago when I couldn't talk DH into white cabinets (color is natural w/ a brown glaze). In our new build, we'll be putting in white. YAY!!! I won him over finally!

To the right of the fridge is a pantry cabinet with pull out shelves. They've worked beautifully the entire time, even with kids using them multiple times a day.
To the left of the fridge is the trash pullout and it's been great the entire time too.

Oh and here you can see a closer shot of part of the detail (even though I think I originally took this to show someone the backsplash):

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Nikki / Babs thanks for sharing they both look great, and i am glad to hear the have held up for the last 6 years. I am just starting the process of finalizing some designs and starting with some pricing. The design team has recommended Cardell as a good value.

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I'm glad to find your post about Cardell, as that is what my builder has specified for our new home. I love the look of Nikki's white kitchen. Is that a painted wood door or the thermofoil? And also, can you please tell me what door style that is and is it from the Odyssey Collection? I have also been looking at the Ultracraft Vision line, which is not a painted finish but an "engineered micro-fiber wood veneer" which in theory seems like it could have some advantages to a painted wood finish. Anyone have experience with this Vision line? Thanks.

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I've been designing kitchens for 20 years in the U.S and Europe and I find Cardell to be excellent value for my customers. I like all their options to keep it simple for the smaller budget or really go to town with elaborate design. They even make custom pieces from drawings I send them and the price is still below box stores. Good quality
and reliable delivery.

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Any one have finish "Ageing" issues with Cardell Cherry cabinets? We bought the Whyndom finish based on the sample in the sample rack. When cabs came they were significantly lighter in color than the sample. Both contractor (reputable house in business many years) and Cardell Rep said that the finish will age in about 90 days to what we bought. Anyone ever hear of this?

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Cherry will look lighter when you receive them, then they will darken up.

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Cardell cabinets are a great value for the money. Great semi custom quality.

All cherry cabinets will darken with time, regardless of manufacturer. It is always a good idea to get a current sample made before ordering any cabinet. The sample you saw was probably a few years old, and had darkened significantly.

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I know I am a few months off, but hopefully you see this message. I am in the process of choosing on cardell cabinets and can't decide between the white and soft white. Your cabinet color looks perfect. Which one did you use?

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Hi nikkipetey.
Do you mind sharing what color is your cabs?
Huge thanks!

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I selected naturel maple shaker, full overlay with bi-parting doors as my cabinets from Cardell. I am very happy with them - the self-closing drawers and doors, the finish, etc. but especially the customer service! I found a dent in the corner of a door and a scrape on a drawer front. In addition, they sent me a sink base without bi-parting doors. I notified my cabinet distributor and Cardell replaced the doors and modified the sink base at no charge to me.I didn't even have to send the doors back to them. So if you order Cardell cabinets and when delivered, you find marks, dings, etc or you don't like a particular door front, etc. - TELL THEM! You will be surprized! I was told by the contractor that their quality control is a bit lax but if the customer complains, they will make it right.

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Nancy200. How long did it take for you to receive replacement parts from Cardell? I will probably be meeting with a Cardell rep to go over a long list of issues in cabinets I ordered and had installed.

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We depended on an arrogant kitchen designer who made a few mistakes. 1. Cardell does not make a 48" wall Shaker II cabinet. When they arrived, the tall cabs had a horizontal stile across the middle. Initially, Cardell refused to make doors that tall, but after several weeks the correct doors arrived. 2. The designer did not consider the depth of the wall cabinets and the crown molding when configuring the staggered cabinets. The depth is the same; therefore, the crown has no place to end and the installer mitered and returned the crown a few inches from the cabinet it abuts, which looks weird. Cardell delivered the cabinets within the time frame promised and the Capaccino Cherry is stained uniformly and is a nice change from the typical cabinets found in new kitchens. I have no complaints with Cardell, although I just heard today it filed for bankruptcy. No doubt the OSHA penalty played a part.

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