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kateshomeMarch 27, 2014

We are in the process of getting estimates for a new roof. One roofer said that he uses IKO (Cambridge) shingles. I have never heard of them before, has anyone had any experience with these shingles? AND the same roofer said that he would not install a ridge vent but would use different venting system (a round vent with a circulating housing). Does that sound right?

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Sophie Wheeler

Low bidder, right? Skip the hack. Deal with the guys who tell you the truth, use modern technology, and use good products. Ridge venting is the best choice, but it only works in conjuction with correctly vented soffits. If you don't have that, that needs to be addressed t the same time.

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We don't have his price yet. And he was going to address the soffits as well as the fascia and gutters. The house does not have a ridge vent now and all seems to work well. Regarding the shingles he was going to use, are you implying that IKO shingles aren't good? If so what are good ones to use? I have read good and bad for many brands. It's so hard to choose!

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I am just a mom.
I have contracted a cement tile installation and twice an asphalt shingle installation. I may need to rip out the present home's roof which is only 16 years old.

You need to know a few things before you contract any roofer.
You need to know your sq area . YOu can figure this out by googling the calculations. Each time I get a bid I ask the roofer how much area he is working with. This also separates some of the shysters from the decent folks.

You need to know product. Most homeowners install an asphalt shingle. The IKO is an asphalt product .
You can use metal, asphalt , cement and composite with a few other options out there.

I have installed roofs with not replacing the gutters.

Thirty years ago I stupidly installed a second roof over the first. The installation was shoddy and all the sky lights leaked so For a few extra dollars I always rip off the roof to have a clean slate.
Ask the roofer if he is installing on the existing or will he remove the first roof. My last home was 6000 sq ft at a cost of 900 dollars to remove the roof.

All attics need air circulation to remove humidity and heat . A "ridge vent " has soffits installed. The theory is the hot air escapes the ridge vent while drawing in cooler air from the soffits. Since my last house was huge I also had two attic fans that ran with high humidity and temperatures.

Soffits are found along the trim of the roofs lower edge.
Squirrels love to bend these and enter into the attic.
I have seen squirrels scale the siding, cement chimney and snap tree limbs to fly onto the roof.

I would skip your first roofer too.
Ask why you need new soffits and fascia.

Do not make a roof decision without getting educated on what you are buying.
I was young with newborns when I contracted for the first roof repair. I screwed up big time.

You need to know your sq area so you can compare bids.
You need to know what material they are installing.
Compare brand x to x .
You ned to know why they are replacing the soffits and fascia.

My present home is 2700 sq feet and the roof has two ridge lines with soffits. I have no intention to replace these soffits. None are damaged .

I used GAF shingles on my last roof. I called the lumber yard who supplied the shingles and asked to see home addresses with that color so I could do drive bys.

As for why Hollysprings says to keep looking I guess cause I don't like his plan .

How to find a good roofer?
You need a roof permit to install a roof. Ask your local town hall for several names.
The lumberyard who supplies the roof material may give a good reference but I they also may give you only their friends.

Hope this helps

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Thanks chickadee4 - We are going to have the existing roof removed. We want the facia and the soffits replaced as they are old and peeling and we want a more maintenance free surface.The roof now does not have a ridge vent and seems to have worked well with the vent that is on the house now.

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