Emergency help needed to repair stipple ceiling

catzcarMarch 23, 2011

Hello, I had to have all my hot and cold water pipes replaced and am now having trouble figuring out what type of brush or tool was used to stipple my ceilings. The drywall guys have done a great job and if I could leave my ceiling smooth it would be great, but this is just areas of ceiling that need to match the old ceiling.

The house is 18 yrs old and my drywall guys are even having trouble figuring it out, the regular brush doesn't match the current pattern. They are trying to figure it out and so am I. Please if anyone is familer with the patten in my photo link below I would appreacate the help..The whole thing has been a long almost month long process, I need this to be over soon


Thank you for any and all info.

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That ceiling looks to me like it was done with a large sponge, or a big chunk of crumpled newspaper.

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Not a brush.

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I detect a definite repeating flower-like pattern. I suspect there was a plastic template (like a cookie cutter) that was pushed into the wet plaster with varying degrees of pressure. When it was pulled off it created the crests in the surface.

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In slang terms, some finishers call it a "mop". It's similar to a floor mop that has loops rather than the old standard type. Most drywall suppliers carry them but even if you were to get the exact tool used, it's giong to be tough unless your finishers know how to experiment with the mix and type of compound originally used. It can be done trial and error if they are willing to spend the time on it without gouging you for big dinero.

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I was looking for ceiling texture techniques on utube and that looks like on that used plastic grocery bags, at least similar.

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