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anita55November 10, 2010

Hi all, we recently had a new roof put on the house at the shore. One of the neighbors called and said they found a piece of metal in our driveway which they thought was from our house. The roofer was long gone I have NO idea what it is - does anybody know? Thanks so much.

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Looks like either a vent cap or a chimney cap.

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Probably a temporary cap left on site after removal. A permanent cap would be unlikely to have face screws.

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I vote UFO and say that you should submit this to the government.

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It looks like a pan one would have used to sift the sand on the beech and look for valuables.

Oh yeah, it could be a vent cap as well.

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I done three roofs. I never used any temporary caps. I would call the worker back and ask for an explanation. There could very well be a vent without a cap. Even though most caps dont have mounting locations on the top.

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thank you all for the replies, even the wise guy. It turned out to belong to the attic fan and has been replaced. thanks!

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