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runswoodsMarch 23, 2011

I have been searching for several hours to find replacement hinges for a a pantry door in my kitchen.

The hinge is 2-1/2" tall, supports a door 3/4" think and is installed such that the shorter arm is screwed to a mortised surface in the frame and the longer arm wraps around behind the door.

Click on the image below and you'll see several perspectives of the hinge


So far, I think the closest thing I've found is probably This

Can anyone help me find an exact replacement? Or give me a set of useful keywords to search with.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Try Rockler

There are numerous hardware vendors, so many it can take hours to sort through them.

The hinge you have is pretty standard.

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Glad to hear the hinge is fairly common, but I have spent quite a lot of time paging through sites and images and still haven't found a match

Can you help me with some keywords which help he find the hinge faster?



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Try searching for 'overlay hinges'

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