Lexmark Printer #2

kathy_February 24, 2006

Yes the Lexmark #1 is still working. Today I went to a just divorced moving sale (knew the gal). She had a Lexmark all in one type printer (faxes, copies, scans) NIB for $20. Ex had bought it for her last Christmas.

Now another question. I will "bank" the other printer just in case. Any way of saving the cartridges until I need them? Thanks, Kathy

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Yes and no. The best way is to keep them sealed in their original foil-plastic packaging and to keep them in a temperate climate -- not too hot, not too cold. But they will "expire". You can use them a little longer if you don't mind a slight color shift or having to reprint some pages because the ink is past its best-by date.

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I'd check to see if the carts are compatible. You might be able to use them in the new machine.

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No they are not. The new machine has both cartridges though. Thanks, Kathy

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