Memory foam insulation

nosambosFebruary 17, 2009

My house is cold, leaky and expensive to heat. It is 100+ years old with leaky casement windows. I have interior magnetic storms which are stopgap at best. My winter heating bills have been in excess of $400 despite keeping the house at 50 degrees and burning $600 to $1000 of wood. This season It occured to me that I could use memory foam mattress toppers cut in strips to insulate around the windows. I bought a couple on craigslist and a king size second on eBay. The change is dramatic. The last bill showed that we used half the amount of gas compared to the year prior despite the fact that it averaged 10 degrees colder. This

shows how I attached the foam to a door with eye hooks and dowels.

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I clicked on your link for the picture and got an advertisement, no picture. Try again?

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I couldn't open the picture either.

I've made window quilts in another home, that I could open and close that really helped. They are made from layers of fabric/insulation/vapor barrier and completely fill in the window - tight to the frame with velcro or plastic magnets - not hung from above the window.

I've also taken rigid foam insulation cut to fit, dolled it up with some nice fabric, and used it in the e-gress windows in the basement.

I now have bubble wrap on the windows as additional insulation that have made a huge difference, even in a new home with energy efficient windows. See link below for more information.

You might try to locate a copy of "Movable Insulation" by William K. Langdon. Lots of great ideas in this book.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bubble Wrap Window Insulation

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Trying again.

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Yes, that looks to be very effective. Can you take it off for the summer?

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That looks like it works. You could cover it with fabric and some bottons if you wanted to make it more decorative.

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