Thanks for Tightwad Links, Kathy

Eileen_MAFebruary 16, 2004

I've been looking for books and tips for frugal living - Some people mentioned Millionaire Next Door, was that any good? Just found Kathy's Tightwad links posted last Feb. and have been enjoying them. Haven't gotten around to Possum Living yet ... but I'll check it out! I'll read anything, another viewpoint is never too extreme to me unless I'm forced to live by it!

Anyone read anything else they can recommend - already have Back to Basics and some of the old Mother Earth News publications.

Thanks in advance!

Eileen :-)

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There's a site called "" that has several recipes and tips for OAMC---also has cleaning and other topics.

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Thanks for the links!

I never thought of doing a search for frugal homemaking in general, too, until I visited the above sites. I can see why some people sit in front of their computers all day to type in different keyword combos to see what they come up with. All were free sites or pages and most had alot of good tips but, haven't had much time thoroughly explore them - was just "surfing". I'll add a follow-up to the above lists when I can better judge if some of these are potentially worth a look if we're looking for some frugal recreation.

Eileen :-)

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