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vnw232February 13, 2013

I save on sewing thread by using nylon thread. Its clear and is nearly invisible against fabric. This saves me from having to purchase a lot of different thread colors. My washer dryer and sewing machines have no problem with it.

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What a great idea!

For those of us who sewed clothing for ourselves, our families, and a plethora of household items over the years, I have a 40+ year collection of thread and I'm shocked by the price of thread these days, and thankful I kept every spool. I also look for spools of thread at thrift stores and garage sales because it IS so expensive.

I also dip into my embroidery floss collection when I need a color I don't have in my thread collection for mending or replacing a button.


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I'm curious about something with the nylon thread--how does it do on natural fabrics. Having so much tensile strength, I'd imagine that eventually seams on cottons, for example, would eventually tear, because the cotton (weaker) threads would break. Have you done this long-term enough to know how things hold up with it? It is generally recommended that the thread used be comparable to the fabric it's used on.

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Clothing can take up a big chunk of the household budget, but with a little planning you can look great with less money spend. Plan your clothes shopping. Never buy on impulse and try to wait until what you need is on sale.

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Nylon invisible thread works great hemming/binding quilts. A narrow zig-zag stitch (loosen needle tension small amount ) allows a little stretch without snapping the thread.

No longer need various colors to match fabric.

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