Paint for this floor?

aggieroseJuly 11, 2012

I've tried, but I just don't have what it takes to put colors together that look good! I'm trying to find a good neutral color that will look great with my wood floors that have a slight red tone to them. My question is what undertones do I need to avoid so the paint doesn't clash with the floor? I'm wanting to go grey, actually, probably more on the taupe side but the different undertones (purple, blue, pink, green) are just throwing me! I don't want to get the whole room done only to find that the undertones in the paint don't work with the reddish brown floors. Thx!

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Take a look at BM smokey taupe, its the perfect neutral and a cross between a neutral tan and a neutral gray. It has enough depth to make it interesting. You won't be sorry. I've attached a very accurate (on my screen) of the color

Here is a link that might be useful: smokey taupe

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Thanks yayagal! BM smokey taupe and revere pewter are 2 colors that I'm actually thinking about. Do you think smokey taupe would look good on the walls and ceiling? I'm not a fan of white ceilings. I like ceilings to be a little different color than the walls, but only if I have crown molding up. The house I'm going to be painting won't allow for moulding in the living area because of how the ceilings are so I think I will be painting them the same color as the walls.

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Even people who can't look at a color and ID the undertones (very few can) usually can ID a clash or less than optimal color match when they see it next to the things it has to go with.

If you are worried about the paint looking good with the floor ... take the colors you are considering, as well as colors close to them and toss the chips on the floor. Color is always relative to other colors, and what is a perfect-looking neutral taupe on the chip will look different next to the wood floor. It may look good, it may not.

When you think you have the color/s nailed down, buy a sample size jar and paint it onto a sheet of paper or foamboard. Prop it against the wall and leave it there for several days. Observe it at several different times a day ... morning light, noonish, late afternoon, and artificial lighting. Move it around so you get a variety of light hitting it over the course of several days.

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