Garage Door won't close - it's NOT the sensors!

goliath624March 1, 2009

Hey all,

I've read through all the Garage Door postings already and have been unable to find the solution to my problem, please help!

My GDO has always worked fine, but a few days ago the door would no longer close with the remote, only with the wall button. But it only requires me to press the wall button, not "hold it down" as all the other postings describe.

Both of the sensors are full light on, no blinking. The remote will still open the door just fine, but refuses to close it. Both remotes are experiencing the same problem, so I think it has something to do with the GDO.

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bad logic board maybe?

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Batteries in the remote bad?
Remote bad?

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Have you added anything electrical to the house or garage about the time this started? Some items will interfere with the opener. If not it is most likely your logic board as davidandkasie said. Your wall control is hardwired so it would not be affected.

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Thanks for the responses guys!

It's not the batteries/remote because I replaced the battery and tried the second remote and same problem.

I haven't added anything electrical or made any home improvements. Sounds like the logic board is the answer...

Can someone please expand on the logic board? What does it do? Where is it located? How do I replace it?

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The logic board is on the reverse side of the end unit where all the white wires go. It has the brain and controls every function. After removing the main cover there are 2 screws holding that end in place. Then there is a quick release plug. The part number is printed on the plastic part and it runs around $80.00 new. You might get it cheaper on e-bay but I get dry mouthed even thinking of that place.

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ok, I need more help now. I replaced the logic board with a new one from Sears and still no luck. I went to program the remotes again: the lights flash the way they're supposed to while programming, but then when I try to open/close with the remote nothing happens (the light still flashes on the back of the opener though, indicating that it has power and is receiving the remote signal). The garage door still opens/closes with the button on the wall. Help!!

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In your original post you said you could open the door but not close it. Is this still what is happening?

Try programming your opener this way. Press and hold the button on the remote and then press and immediately release the smart/learn button.

Did you make sure you got the same logic board?

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