What's your heating schedule?

keepitlowFebruary 22, 2009

What's your heating schedule?

Methods of heating and costs?

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I live in Missouri and am freezing my buns off. We are in a mobile home ( well for the next two to three weeks) and we have an electric unit. It is mostly on at night and while the kids are getting ready for school. But last month's bill was over three hundred dollars. It doesnt get very warm in here either :( We are moving to a bigger house but we are so thankful that it has a gas heater...
Hopefully we will be warm and cozy by the middle of next month.

Jackie>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Her feet are frozen!!

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We heat with gas and keep the thermostat set at 62 at night and keep the heat OFF during the day. If it is in the single digits or teens outside, the house gets down into the high 40's or low 50's in daytime. I usually turn on the heat around 9 PM and shut it down at 8 or 9 am. (Although if house gets below 50, wife makes me turn up the heat to 52 or so since the house wont heat back up until after midnight if it below 50 at 9 PM) Monthly bill for this type of schedule in mid $250's in the coldest months.

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Heating with an EPA high efficiency wood burning insert. We harvest from our own woodlot so the only recurring cost is the power to run the blower.
This insert heats two floors- main level to 74º and upper bedrooms stay around 67º. If it gets below about 5º outside we turn on the heated mattress pads. Otherwise we are cozy as all get out and thrilled with wood heat.
We get great exercise, too :)

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We heat with gas and have a heat pump (electric) for the family room addition. We turn the heat up to 66 at about 6 o"clock and leave it there until 10. At 10 it goes down to 58 and comes on again at 5:30 to 66. At 9 AM, it goes back to 59. The heat in the family room is set at 55 unless we are in there, when we turn it up manually. I keep this schedule on Saturday, but on Sunday it's 65 all day. My husband hates it lower than 65 when he's home, and I suspect he's turning it up at times when he's home and I'm not. Gas and electric were $435 last month, and this includes 24 hours when we were without power due to a storm. We had hot water and gas for cooking but no heat because the furnace won't work without the blower. Whew! Am waiting for warmer weather!

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Gas furnace, programmable thermostat set at 68 at night and 70 during the day.

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Here is Mississippi we are keeping the heat pumps at 61 during the day and 52 at night. We also have a Tempurpedic (sp?) mattress that is warm so we stay plenty warm at night. Our electric bill runs about $170. Of course I only use the dryer to fluff then line dry everything when possible. Yes we are going green here.

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Natural gas and my heating schedule is simple. I heat when it's cold. I have a programmable thermostat but it's not of much use since my schedule varies so much. January's gas bill, including water heating was just short of $200, December was about $160 and November was under $100. We've had a pretty cold winter. I am zone heating though. I decided to keep the living area around 68°-72° where I used to keep it mid to low 60s throughout the house. I have unused rooms closed off and they get quite cold but that's fine. So I'm heating a smaller area to a higher temp and essentially moving the heat from the other rooms into the rooms I use compared to before. I don't turn it down at night anymore nor do I turn it down when I'm working. With the zone heating it's nice to come home to a warm chair when I'm stiff and sore. I do open the drapes on sunny days and keep them closed on cold cloudy days. That makes a big difference in comfort at least. I also keep a blanket handy if I take a nap or something otherwise, I'm very comfortable and satisfied with the results of the zone test this year.

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Been around a few degrees above zero here, Great Lakes area, lately - lower if one considers the wind chill factor - and wind can be piercing.

Plus some warm days, several with rain, that chewed away our heavy snow rather quickly.

In fall and spring, I use a small electric heater aimed at the desk and computer chair. Usually moving around in kitchen so don't notice the chill so much.

Try to keep the temp around 60 through living area, it was about that earlier, now about 63 - I have 6 layers of clothing on torso, jacket over knees.

Wood stove in added family room, not served by oil furnace - hardly used at all this winter.

Over $660. for first delivery of oil in cold season on Dec. 31. Second delivery early Feb., $254.00, tank still 3/4 - 5/8 full.

Power bills for elec. stove, microwave, furnace, water heater, water pump ... plus landlord's shop ... run something over $100. in winter, in the $80's, $90's in summer: a substantial portion of our power generated by falling water.

If you need some hot air ... we don't have a lot to spare around here (and no comments from the cheap seats, please).

ole joyful

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