Want a source for BubblePack for window insulation

gardurnitFebruary 8, 2010

Bubblepack has between 3/8 and 3/4" holes of air which make a good insulation

and let light through without being able to been seen through it.

I've tried it on windows and it works well.

Now what I want to try for an experiment is measuring how much I can save using

it and then converting to energy efficient windows and getting that figure.

So I need helping finding enough BPack (for free and clean) or I'll just pony up

$100 for what I need. If I get it for free then it reuses a resource and saves

even more energy.




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Try craigs list. In my area, every monday there are tons of postings for people giving away their left over moving supplies.

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I use to get BW from the furniture stores out back by the dumpster when I sold items on ebay.It was always clean and came in large pieces.I guess it was used for wrapping mirrors,etc.It was very thick to.It would do great for insulating windows.Hope this helps.Debbie

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I've found free bubble wrap at furniture stores, like Debbie mentioned. We got most of ours from where hubby works (cabinet manufacturing company). You can also use two layers of bubble wrap, rather than just one. I've included the link below that gives the information and also the "numbers". Check the PAYOFF towards the bottom of the page at the link.

We moved into a new-construction home almost 4-years ago, with energy efficient windows and energy efficient Levolor blinds on all the windows. The addition of bubble wrap to all the windows REALLY made a difference. While I was squawking about an increase in our utilities after record-breaking cold temperatures for more than a month, plus family visiting for more than a week and all the extra hot water and heating more rooms than normal (natural gas - $103 and electricity - $142), the neighbors bills were nearly double what ours are for approximately the same amount of space.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bubble Wrap Window Insulation

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