Refilling Air Freshers

terissdFebruary 28, 2004

Does anyone have a better idea for refilling those little plug-in air fresheners like the Glad & Airwick ones? I hate paying almost $2 for hardly anything. Can't even find a vanilla refill for the Wizard plug-in I have. It's the one with the little bottles with the wick. I noticed they put the top on so tight you can hardly get it off to refill. Just another way to get us to buy their refills....

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I'd get rid of those plug-in's completely and the air-wick things, too. They're both made with an industrial oil base so you can't reproduce them at home. The first disburses perfumed oil from the little heating element inside the plastic "warmer" and the other through air absorbtion from the wick. In the long run, (you mentioned you liked vanilla scent) it's much cheaper, easier, and more environmentally-friendly to buy vanilla scent potpourri and, vanilla scent essential oil at your local, discount craft store and just keep refreshing the potpourri with a few drops of essential oil when it needs it. Potpourri lasts for years and, a scent like vanilla is almost always readily available. (Buy the essential oils ahead if you have any doubts).

Eileen :-)

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