help with saving transparent

sugar_flMarch 4, 2007

I can't remember how to save so a pix comes out with a transparent background.. can any one refresh my ole memory???



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Hi There.

Try doing your save as either a .gif, .psp or pspimage, that should keep a transparent background....I usually forget, save as a .jpg & then have this lovely white

Hope this helps,

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Thanks but that won't work.. U will still get the white. I know it has to be exported but don't remember the settings..

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Hi Dar,

You're right, the .gif still gives you a white background... : ((

Which version of Psp are you working with?....I'm using V8...

I opened a new image, transparent background, put a tube on it, did a "Save As" & then specified that I wanted to save it as a .psp....when I reopened it, it did keep the transparent background...."Save Copy As" will also keep the transparent bg....

If you are creating a tube image, then yes, you export it, File, Export, Picture Tube....maybe this is what you are referring to?

Hope I'm not confusing you,

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Sorry I'm so long answering..
I am using PSP 9. What I want to do is save so I can put into a chat without the black background.. just transparent. I don't want to make a tube & PSP format won't work.
I know it is EXPORT as gif optimizer but don't know the settings. I have tried several settings but can't seem to get it right.

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Dar, it would be easier to remove the present color, then replace the color with the background color of the page you are going to post it on. You can get the exact background color with your eyedropper.


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Hi Sugar,
Hope you don't mind me jumping in here. An easy and sure way to save transparent gifs is to first save your single layer transparent Paint Shop Pro image as "animation shop psp". Then open it in Animation shop and save it as a gif.


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when you save your GIF, select the SAVE-AS option off the file menu, then click the OPTIONS button, then click RUN OPTIMIZER, then select appropriate transparency(ies).

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When transparent image is open in PSP,
Right click it, choose Copy, open animation shop, right click and paste as new image.
Go up to file, Save as, name it, and under the Partial Transparency tab, I have my settings set at:convert pixels less than 40. Check No, use the existing image color at 100%
I test it in OE on a colored background to see there is no white edges. Adjust accordingly when saving.

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