sears garage remote won't program

mimi24March 19, 2009

The opener is model # 139.53674SRT2 and I bought a new remote when the old one stopped working. (battery change didn't fix). The remote is 139.53681B. When I push the orange learn button the light doesn't come on. When I push the remote button the light next to the orange learn button flashes quickly but doesn't stop until I release my finger from the remote button. The other remote for the door works fine and so does the wall remote. Sure would love to avoid a service call. Can someone help me please? Thanks.

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The B at the end of the remote model number concerns me. I have only seen that used on the new openers that were manufactured after a frequency change. They will not work with older units. Anyway.....

Try programming it this way. Press and hold the button on your remote while you press and immediately release the smart/learn button on the motor unit.

If that doesn't work and you bought the remote from Sears I would call them and question the B in the model number.

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My opener is a slightly different model number, but the remote # is the same. I had to do this:
Press & hold the open door bar button on the remote - keep holding it while you press and hold the "light" button on the wall unit. Continue holding both buttons and press the push bar on the wall console (the open door bar)and hold all three buttons. Release the buttons when the motor unit lights blink - if you don't have light bulbs in it, two clicks will be heard.
(None of this sounded reasonable to me, but it worked.)

I think I got this and info on my unit from a web site called I think it's connected to Sears. I was able to print off the instructions for my door opener and my lawn mower too.

Good luck

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