Anyone else feeling a bit teary eyed?

Holly- KayApril 4, 2013

Planning our new kitchen has been a bit overwhelming. Tonight I was washing dishes and tidying up and it struck me how much I love mylittle, imperfect kitchen. Do I still want to redo it? A great big yes! But as I was washing my dishes I started remembering all the life and love that has happened in that small space. The wonderful holiday meals, the Sunday dinner family nights, the games played and the homework done at the kitchen table, and the bill paying sessions that were enough to make me want to tear my hair out. My kitchen still is the hub of our family life. The children are out of the nest but we now have our adored grandsons. Yes the kitchen will be new from top to bottom but what will remain is the love and joy that has been the center of our home. My new fridge will soon carry the dear little fingerprints and the drawings from my grandsons. After all they are just the designer touch to complete my new project. I am so very blessed.

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Know exactly what you are feeling, went through the same emotions several weeks ago, re did our family hub after 27 years of joy...

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My sentiments too, as we plan our kitchen renovation. You put it so eloquently holly-kay.

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I know exactly what you mean! I gave my kitchen a total scrub down the night before demo. My way of saying goodbye and thank you for all the great memories and wonderful times. I even told my hacked up counter I would miss it! I happily passed on my Corian sink to a neighbor who can't yet afford a Reno but hates her chipped cast iron sink. It still looks as great as the day we installed it! I will be able to visit it in the future.
But now that everything is out and the drywall is in, I am picturing the new configuration and dreaming about my double ovens! I can't wait to get baking again :)

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It's funny, I felt the opposite. I waited so long for this kitchen remodel that I just could not muster up being sentimental.
What I do feel though is for those who do have to wait, you still do all the things in your kitchen that would happen in your new. All the parties, dinners, craft projects.
For me, I am more attached to this house in general as we have lived here almost twenty years. Mostly all of it is renovated, but we do have one more bathroom to finish.

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Yes, I'm with ellendi--no tears for me. I have been mentally composing a David Letterman type list of the things I hate about my old kitchen. We rented our current home then bought it. So we didn't really pick the house for the layout--we picked it because it was available and had a decent rent for the area.

Now we are getting it to be what we want (if we don't kill each other during the process!)

Congratulations and good luck on your new kitchen. As a military spouse I've learned that home is where you hang your hat, so your new kitchen will feel like home soon--especially with the grandkids and the memories yet to come!

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I'm not an overly-sentimental person, but I did have that teary-eyed moment you describe. My new kitchen is beautiful, and I can't wait to start cooking in it, but I also can't wait to start filling it up with life and clutter and the ups and downs of everyday moments.

Well, maybe not the clutter.

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I might have felt like that about my kitchen in the previous house but not this one. I didn't like it to begin with but wouldn't have thought of renovating till all the appliances broke. The remodel was supposed to happen years ago but was delayed several times. I couldn't wait to tear it down. ðÂÂÂ

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Yes, I was nostalgic, too. It still gives me a funny feeling to look at the pictures I took of my old kitchen. Of course it never looked as good IRL as it did all cleared out right before demo, so it makes it easier to romanticize it.

As I've said in other threads, I especially miss my old oven, which I truly loved. I feel actually sad about losing it, even though my new oven is wonderful. Sort of like how Billy missed Allie McBeal even though he loved his wife, Georgia. (dating myself) Silly, really.

My late lamented french door double oven

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Another Ellendi voice here--HATED my kitchen for 20+ years and my only teary eyed moments have come when I think of how long I suffered through a dark, badly set up and literally worn out ugly room. In fact that is my biggest regret: waiting until we are on the downward slope of daily meals with kids (they're grown now), entertaining their friends and our families etc. Wish so badly I'd done the remodel many years earlier.

My new kitchen is easy to use, and the sight of it still lifts my heart on a daily basis. Tears? Only of joy in getting rid of that nasty old space.

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I had my kitchen torn out after 20 years of dark dysfunctional chaos and never looked back.

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My previous kitchen was worn out - built in 1978 - but bright and mostly functional. I don't regret remodeling, but I was nostalgic on the eve of demolition as well. And when I see old pictures, the memories made there bring those feelings back. I often feel like I actually moved - I didn't just remodel.

A couple months ago I had a dream I was back in the old kitchen, and I actually missed it. Very amusing, as I enjoy cooking and being in my new space more now than ever. Reminds me of what it's been like to revisit homes or towns where I use to live - they hold nice memories, but it's not where I want to return.

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Holly- Kay

Thank you all for sharing! My kitchen that I am replacing is actually quite pretty and very bright and cheery. The problems with the layout is what made this happen. The PO designed it and did some very funky things to it. One example is she had a beautiful hood that was custom made, as was the rest of the kitchen. Instead of spending the money to install the duct work etc. She mounted an exhaust hood from a home improvement store and mounted it under the hood. There was at least 3 inches of almond exhaust hood hanging under a beautiful custom hood. She encased the refrigerator with a finished wood panel but she put a 32 inch fridge in and there was no room, even if we removed the end finishing to put a larger fridge in it's place. Well the list kind of goes on and on but I never thought it was ugly even though the golden oak cabinets were not at all my style and the Corain countertop was a taupe color that did absolutely nothing to beautify the space.

The whole remodel came about as I was going to replace the ugly counter top and replace the dated shiny brass hardware. Then I thought about how little usable space was in the pantry cabinet, and the wasted space on that one smallish counter, and the fact that I could never have a pretty new French door fridge, and have always had to make our Thanksgiving Day turkey in an electric roaster because my oven had just enough room for the casseroles and stuffing......Well you get the picture.

We went to the local Builder's Show and ran into the KD who designed our library cabs and shelving (book room would be more accurate as the room isn't large at alll). He did a beautiful job and designed the shelves and cabs to follow the lines of the cathedral ceiling in that room. With the center shelving and cabs taller than the two shelves and cabs flanking it, and they were taller than the two flanking them. The result was gorgeous! We asked him to come out and give us some ideas to remodel our existing space. One thing led to another and it turned from a minor remodel to an outright renovation.

I can totally understand not feeling teary eyed if you hated your kitchen from the get go and I am so happy for all my GW friends for their beautiful new kitchen!.

I am so anxious to see my new kitchen but Heidi, like you, I told my old kitchen I would miss it, and like Bob Hope said "Thanks for the memories".

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I've been feeling the same way for months since Hurricane Sandy wrecked (the interior) of the house my father and mother built. I told the contractor to demo my my house with respect because it's so precious to me. He honored my wishes by taking the whole house apart bit by swinging of sledge hammers.

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My experience with sentimentalism is that this lasts about 5 minutes once the nice new stuff arrives and it's finally finished. I always feel that way when I go looking for a new (well new to me) car and feel like I'm betraying the old one somehow. But then once the heater/AC works and everything is hitting on all cylinders for a change I find I have successfully moved on! : ))

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miss this dysfunctional space? no ventilation, no counter space, no lighting? no tears were shed.... loving the new kitchen!

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It's hard to get sentimental about rotting cabinets, cracked tiles, stained grout, broken lights, jerry-rigged appliances (don't ask), and the dreaded corner black holes. The layout was reasonable for a small (10' x 10') kitchen, but it was dying a not-so-slow, painful-for-me death.

So, no, I guess I wasn't teary-eyed.

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Yes. Very. In our case, we are selling the house we built and planned as our "forever home." Even as I plan the gut reno I'm doing to the kitchen at the new house, I'm filled with longing and sadness over the kitchen I'm leaving. The entire home I'm leaving.

I brought my daughter home from the hospital here. She ate her first solid foods in this kitchen. I taught my son to make apple pie at the island. We had hundreds of family dinners, afternoons of homework, holiday meals, and life lessons learned right in this kitchen. We have laughed, cried, argued, hugged, and loved each other in this place. It's very hard to leave. I cherish every precious memory.

I know this is a good move for my family, but its not easy.

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Oh I am so feeling this too. Our kitchen is totally dysfunctional, but I actually think it's cute in a charming mis-matched way. It was so ugly when we moved in and we did a DIY cosmetic job for probably around $500 that I am still really proud of. I've never had a nice matching fancy kitchen and I'm nervous about it looking too new and sterile. I'm sure we'll have it banged up in our typical style in no time though!

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Holly- Kay

We are all so blessed! Here is a pic of my totally dated, but IMO charming, kitchen with the hood sticking out from under the custom hood. I love my little kitchen but I am going to love my new, beautiful kitchen too.

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Yes, I share your sentiments. We finished our remodel 6 months ago now. As anxious as I was to remodel, when demo day came it was sad. We have lived in our home for 28 years and ours was a Parade Home, so although it was time to update, my kitchen was rather nice for it's age. My kids are now at college or on their own but this is where they spent their entire childhood and we have wonderful memories. It still makes me a little sad, but I really do LOVE my new kitchen. I feel so fortunate too!

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I did not feel sad, at all, to remove the old kitchen. I mean, maybe a tiny bit, just because even though it was a totally disgusting, dysfunctional mess, it was ours for 12 years! But no, I was so excited to rip that rotting room down to the beams. And now I cannot even imagine that room anymore!

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Oh goodness. I wish that I could muster up some sort of tears to see this kitchen go. But, there's nothing in it that is sentimental to me at all.We moved into this house about 2 1/2 years ago, knowing then that the kitchen reno was happening because I hated the kitchen. Hated. Really. Okay, so it might have been considered "grandma's charm" if it had been my grandma's house. I know the older, previous owners (deceased, rest their souls) must have loved their little kitchen...and so for that reason, I feel a little bit bad, particularly since the hideous cabinets are actually in good shape. But, it's Bad, with a capital B.

I feel a little bad that we are taking out cabinets that are still quite functional (no doors falling off, etc.) and that there's almost no chance that anyone in their right mind would want them...not not even really for a garage...although we *may* use an upper for out in our one shed. But, I hate that they aren't in worse shape because other than being ugly, they are in good shape.

We've had no Great Family Gatherings here. We've had meals that I've served...but I've disliked cooking in the kitchen from the start. The only thing that has made it remotely palatable was that we sawed out a cabinet when we moved in to put in a DW. Without that DW, I would have surely lost my mind. And I have a RTA rolling cart that will be retired with the new's likely to be craigslisted.

Bring on the new kitchen...I've been ready for it for a long time!

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Holly- Kay

Andrea, you made me laugh with your description. I do know what you mean about feeling guilty about the cabinets. Mine are in pristine condition. I am sure that many people would think I am crazy to do a whole Reno. I need a new floor as this vinyl is getting quite worn. I wanted a double oven so the stove had to go, and I wanted a French door fridge but to get that the layout had to change. I have been spending the day sorting through almost twenty years of accumulated goodies. Most are going to Goodwill. I have definitely made peace with my decision and I am so excited for the change.

The living room is part of the reno, at least the flooring and I will shed nary a tear over that. I have hated that carpet from day one. It is mint green (ugly), but has worn so well that if it weren't for numerous stains from the pupsters that wouldn't come out it would look practically new. The walls are painted an equally ugly shade of green. Once the kitchen is done that living room is history!

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When we were down to the studs, we carved our initials in the beams.

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Holly - seeing your picture, I hope that you are able to donate those to Habitat for Humanity/ReStore or some place like that. Or put them on Craigslist. Or perhaps if you are a member of a church, check with the clergy to see if there's a family in need. There are plenty of people out there who would look upon having those cabinets in their kitchen as a true blessing. They do seem to be in good shape aside from being a little dated for current tastes on here.

Life is too short not to have what you love if you can do it. So, don't let anyone tell you that you're crazy to do a reno - it sounds like you've thought about it and know what you want to do.

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Holly- Kay

Andrea. I will put the cabinets to good use in some way. At this time there aren't any church members (our church is a fledgling church with a very small congregation) who are building a home. I have a townhouse that I rent to one of our members and we own another home that I am renting to our pastors daughter and sil. The cabinets at the townhouse are not as nice as the ones that I am replacing so I am thinking of maybe storing them here until my current tenants move out and then before we have it painted and cleaned we could replace the cabinets there. If not my heart would tell me to donate to Habitat as all my children at one time or another have been involved through our other church home.

I know how very blessed we are and I know what a blessing the cabinets could be to someone. I have plenty of room here at this home to store them so I will be looking for the perfect time to gift or use them!

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I saw a picture on Pinterest where a couple building their new home wrote their favorite scriptures on the door frames above the doors as mentioned in the Bible: Deuteronomy 6:9 Write them on the door frames of your house and your gates. Wish I had done that when we built our house. A perfect opportunity to do something meaningful to you.. (if you are so inclined).

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